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Aerobic Training

Aerobic Training.
Intenzavan Aerobic training is a form of training where the movements are repeated constantly so that they are easy to master

intenzavan Aerobic training is a form of training where the movements are repeated constantly so that they are easy to master. Rhythm during training increases to eventually decrease again. Increases cardio endurance, improving breathing, balance, flexibility and body and muscle. Group monitors the movements of the instructor training so that practitioners can follow different fitness. Aerobics is particularly focused on the foot, hand and chest muscle groups. regular coaching you gain fitness and training with each exercise you can think of any easier.
The term aerobic includes a system of exercise which is the main objective of the development and maintenance of functional ability, especially in aerobic capacity.
Aerobics is one of the monostrukturalne cyclical activities, which can be compared with, for instance. walking, jogging, cycling, rowing, skiing, skating and etc..
main feature is a moderate intensity aerobic work and high volume.
practicing and combining all kinds of aerobics is achieved primarily successful development of functional skills, cardiovascular and respiratory. happens reduction of subcutaneous adipose tissue, muscle groups are formed on the body the whole.
Aerobic training allows the following: Home - Condition Home - Reduction of body weight Home - Home - Flexibility Home - Power
addition to the traditional aerobic training that most practicing instructors we have:
LOW IMPACT - one foot is always in contact with the ground, flooring.
HIGH IMPACT - Includes running, jumping ...
SLIDE - Stimulation skating, skiing ...
STEP - Practice using the platform .
introductory part of the class or step aerobics warm-up task is to prepare the club members for the main part of the class, and it is very important to properly perform.
heating is performed in two parts as follows: •
external warming: which involves rhythmic movements in which heated the large muscle groups and raises the body temperature warming
• Special: which involves heating the muscle groups that will most participate in the main class.
aerobic part of the class includes activities that promote the development of respiratory and cardiovascular capacity.
Exercise should be intense and constant rule, in rhythm with the music and choreography that can be repeated several times.

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