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How to determine your skin type?

How to determine your skin type? Skin is the largest organ of our body but is often neglected

How to determine your skin type?
Skin is the largest organ of our body but is often neglected. Truth is that everyone can have beautiful and healthy skin regardless of age, color or type. Most important thing is to determine skin type and is properly maintained.
Heres how:
1 - The proper determination of the type of skin is a very simple process. need is water and well-lit mirror. sprinkle the face about 10 times with lukewarm water.
2 - Then natapkaj face towel to put away the drops but that stay wet. need to wait about 30 minutes to dry skin naturally.
3 - Stand in front of the mirror osvetljenijeg. alternately smiles and frowns, and determine whether your skin tightens or not. If you face tight and itchy and a bit, then you have dry skin.
4 - If you have problems with allergies often caused by cosmetics, your skin is sensitive and requires a special kind of care.
5 - If 30ak min after no response, wait another 30ak min. Press a layer of paper towels on your face and watch originated trace. If he is in the T-zone - forehead, chin, nose - then your skin is of mixed type. If the mark appears on the cheeks, you have oily skin.
When performing this test, I suggest you instead of tap water, use purified or mineral water. This will avoid further drying of the skin.
Knowing your skin type is a prerequisite for health and rich, beautiful.

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