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How to save the vid

See five things about the health of your eyes that you disclose, and probably did not know about them

See five things about the health of your eyes that you disclose, and probably did not know about them.
Eat healthy, studies have shown that eye health uparvo health food stores. Eat fruits and vegetables that contain vitamins C, E, zinc and beta carotene. also eat foods that contain ingredients blueberries, carrots, green vegetables, grapes also eat foods that contain sulfur, for example: red onion, egg, soy, garlic.
Regular exercise can lower intraocular pressure in people with glaucoma or reduce the overall risk of developing glaucoma.
To preserve your vision that will help regular routine eye examination. If you are age 20 to 39 years in review needed to go every three to five years. A if you are recommended to go every year or every other.
What can you spoil the form of dry eye. In that case they should be treated otherwise may result in corneal abrasion.
Consult with your doctor and with his help and with the help of these five things weve found you, save your eyesight.

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