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How to prevent hair loss

How to prevent hair loss? Each of us has from 300 000 to 450 000 hairs on your head

How to prevent hair loss?
Each of us has from 300 000 to 450 000 hairs on your head.
Is normal for some hair falls every day, but if it has a higher intensity, your brush is are full of hair and hair around the house, it indicates a problem, but the problem can be solved with little effort.
What causes hair loss and how to prevent?
use of drugs - such as cytostatics , sedatives, drugs that regulate fat in the blood and lowers high blood pressure, hormone testosterone - can lead to excessive hair loss.
Stress - never has a beneficial effect on our body, so no hair.
Lack of minerals - such as zinc and iron, also lead to hair loss. This problem often occurs in which appearances menopause.
If you are not getting enough vitamin A, the hair becomes brittle. To keep the hair smooth and fast growing, it is essential that there is good circulation to the scalp, and that you will achieve food rich in iron.
health problems such as polycystic ovaries, a disorder of the thyroid gland, skin disorders, seborrhea, hormonal disorders also pulling hair loss. If you notice a big difference in the density of hair Consult a physician for help.
child - if the diet drastically smanjte intake of sugars and fats, your hair may begin to decline because it increased the quality of her fall. So calories are we still required to some extent, even in diet.
Council plus: note that in the case of washing the hair, the hair is not geared towards very strong jet of ink.

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