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How to speed up metabolism

For your metabolic rate is an important genetic factor, but there is a way to speed up

Crawling, indexing to speed metabolism and heredity is an important factor, but there is a way to speed up. We all know that obesity is primarily due to slow metabolism. Surely you know people who admit that they eat a lot, yet supple. Acceleration of the metabolism definitely a winning combination.
How to speed up metabolism?
Do not suddenly to reduce food intake. Eat several times a day, but the lighter meals. Excessive intake of one or two meals will not help you lose weight, rather . reason - the body will get used to rarely get food and supplies will be made by the more food they get a hold, resulting in slower metabolism. Also, in this case, you can get in a situation to get hungry in the middle of the night and spoiled the fridge or pop over to a large meal at a nearby hamburger, and that certainly is not good.
Try to chew each mouthful for longer.
menu neprskanog include more fruits, vegetables, and grains. Apple is universally known for speeding up metabolism . It is desirable to use apple cider vinegar. This beneficial ingredient can be found in the form of tablets or capsules, indicating that assists in losing excess weight.
normal, replace carbohydrates proteins.
It is necessary to exercise, but a kind exercise, the continuity and length of training to qualified person. exaggeration to exercise or improper exercise brings harm to your body. muscles are very important in energy expenditure and speed up metabolism.

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