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What is Android?

Wondering what is android? Android is a smartphone operating system

wondering what is android? Android is a smartphone operating system - OS for short - and softverksa platform based on Linux. Android was developed by the mighty Google.
Nowadays, many manufacturers mobile phones using Android as a platform. It allows the mobile applications that are programmed for the Android run equally well on all mobile phones using the Android platform, regardless of manufacturer.
addition to application compatibility, Android has its own specific user interface. This means that all Android phones operate on a very similar way. Once you get used to using an Android phone manufacturers, virtually will not notice the difference if you later use another Android phone manufacturer. Unlike other Android platform really allows a high degree of customization and freedom in the sense that You can customize the user interface exactly as it just suits you.
Android is currently dominating the market and seems to be much longer. main competitors are Andorid iOS - iPhone - and Windows Mobile.

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