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How to save electricity?

How to save electricity? In addition to the expensive investment, it is possible to save electricity and lower investments in the long run, very profitable

To save electricity?
Addition of expensive investment, it is possible to save electricity and lower investments in the long run very cost effective.
Heres how:
1 - Use energy saving light bulbs. Although more expensive - piece cost about 300 dinars -, energy saving bulbs last much longer, for the same brightness using much smaller amounts of electricity.
2 - washing machines or dishwashers Includes an after midnight, when the electricity is cheaper.
3 - Household appliances when not in use, disconnect from the outlet. Even when not in use they get their electricity.
4 - Do not forget that after charging the cell phone charger from the power
5 - Avoid these at the same time in the house for a number of devices.
6 - Upload the insulation of the building, although quite costly, you can save 20 to 65 percent of energy consumption. In the long run savings plan is more cost effective than .
Experts say it is possible to save energy and cooking with a pot lid, cleaning the refrigerator ice and water heaters from scale, and keeping the stove away from the refrigerator.

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