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How to register a company

You decided to run a private business? You need to be thoroughly informed that as conditions to be met

You have decided to run a private business? You need to be thoroughly informed that as conditions to be met.
Investments, premises, related equipment and other fixed assets, labor .. - all it needs to regulate rather than regularly register their company was to establish an independent catering, independent craft shop, retail shops or whatever.
all the details can be found in the Municipal Administration in place of your residence, the inspection agency. Also, you will be a useful tax administration and site www. Tax-government. sr. gov. com where you can read what it takes to start a private business and the registration thereof. Opening the companys extensive procedures, and all is explained on the website www. April rs of the Agency for private registries
When regulate all the details to private business started, the Agency needs for private registries to apply to the company recorded in the Register of economic entities.
also need to explore the market. Then youll have to estimate how many customers or service users, to see the competition and determine how to be and remain in a better position than a competitor. A very important item and the suppliers - the availability of funds and materials for the companys business.
should not neglect the advertising, promotional materials will be used. Also, you might attract some customers and lower prices, at least initially.
Make sure that your company is synonymous with quality and good service from the beginning, do not give up if at first you do not achieve the desired success, and eventually you will build the famous name of his company.

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