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How natapirati hair?

Tapped hair may look romantic and rebellious

tapped hair may look romantic and rebellious. Just get a good quality comb and hair spray.
1 - Extract a thin strand - and a 5 to 10 centimeters -.
2 - Holding lightly toned top in one hand and comb three times root hairs. If you care about hair tapiraj is only one direction.
3 - Haircuts are designed for comb put under lock and rake as thrust natapirane hair as close to the roots.
4 - The top layer of hair gently smoothes long tip comb.
5 - Then sprinkle evenly natapirane hair easy to hold and foam molding.
6 - Repeat the procedure with the next strand.
- not tapirajte hair if it is damp or wet. Home - If your hair is oily at the roots, tapiranje fail. In this case it is necessary to dry hair before washing tapiranja.
- After tapiranja does not dry, but the shower with plenty of regents for the hair.
What do I need?
- Comb tapiranje - a comb that has fine teeth thick and thin pointed handle . Home - Plain comb - for fine hair used to be part of the toothed dense and heavy for the hair with spaced teeth -. Home - Hairspray Home - foam molding Spray with action.

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