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How to maintain floor?

How to maintain flooring? In addition to being characterized floor and give your home warmth, it is necessary to devote his attention from time to time

How to maintain
Addition to being characterized floor and gives warmth to your home, it is necessary to devote his attention from time to time. Follow our tips to make you look flawless and lasted, as long as possible. Br Heres how:
1 - The first and most important rule for maintaining flooring is to use less water for cleaning. Do not use mops soaked with water, as though you risk that you raise the floor and the wood begins to absorb moisture floor and gradually gets black due to the presence of mold.
2 - It is best to use a soft cloth to avoid scratches and adequate means to protect flooring which now has a market.
3 - Also, do not draw anything on the floor because ishabati and you scratch coating and from the floor.
High Heels damaged flooring, especially soft wood types such as. ash.
What we need:

- Water Home - Cotton soft cloth Home - Plant protection parquet

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