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How to hide friends on Facebook?

Nowadays it is almost unbelievable that someone does not have a profile on Facebook, especially when it comes to the younger population

Nowadays it is almost unbelievable that someone does not have a profile on Facebook, especially when it comes to the younger population.
It is therefore desirable to know some basic things on this popular online.
In this paper You will know the answer to the question: How
hide friends list on Facebook?
1 - First you need to do is find the top right corner where it says Account / Order. from the drop down menu, click Privacy Settings / Privacy Settings.
2 - Then in the section Connecting on Facebook, click View Settings / view settings.
3 - And now for the end you just have to find the item See your friends list and set it to Only Me so that only you can view your friends list.
And this is the procedure done, from now on you your list of friends on Facebook can see only you and nobody else.

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