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How to make lasagna?

The famous Italian specialty, which, like almost all the pasta, conquered the world, can be prepared in a fairly easy way

glorious Italian specialty, which, like almost all the pasta, conquered the world, can be prepared in quite easily. First and main ingredient of the bark. Theyre in a square baking dish, because of the shape.
Heres how:
1 - Bottom container lubricating oil or butter crust and agree to each other. Through them, put filling prodinstanog prepared from ground meat or chopped fresh vegetables, Cover it with thin rings of fresh tomatoes, poured a thin layer of bechamel sauce , then put the top layer of thin sheets of cheese or grated cheese.
2 - Repeat placing the order for lasagna and bark all the other layers. arrange alternate layers of materials as long as you have. All pour 2 dl of dry white wine, put in the preheated oven and stove on medium heat.
3 - Baked lasagna served, having previously cut into rectangular pieces. Option can be added to various vegetable seasonings - ORIG, etc. -.
Tip: If
lasagna prepared by dried and pre neobarenih bark, it is necessary that, before baking, with a little more wine or broth. In fact, the easiest way to check is the following: first you shall put 2 oz of white wine, so if you see that the crust soft and soak up all that lasagna is dry, add some water or wine, to make it soft. You should not pour a lot of wine, because it will take the sour taste of lasagna.
What do I need?
- lasagna crust to Home - ingredients for filling - minced meat or various chopped vegetables - Home - ripe tomatoes Home - leaves or grated cheese Home - bechamel sauce Home - white wine Home - Oil Home - parmesan
- Oregano Home - spices of your choice Home - square baking dish for baking

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