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How to make French toast?

They are made from stale bread or old, remaining from the previous day

They are made from stale bread or old, remaining from the previous day. Besides bread, to prepare this delicious meal you need more eggs, some milk, salt and oil. French toast is usually served at breakfast and dinner.
Here is how:
1 - A large bowl which can hold a piece of bread. Beat eggs, a little salt, add a little milk or water, and again umut.
2 - Cut bread into slices and submerge it in scrambled eggs, immediately removed and placed in a pan of hot oil. should fry them over medium heat, because it will otherwise burn very easily.
3 - When toasting one side, carefully turn and fry another. Ready-made French toast is removed, put on a paper towel to soak up excess oil, if any, agree on a platter and serve.
- When roasting, it often happens that French toast absorb the oil in which the burn , so it is essential that as many more oil as needed to the desired amount. Home - Care must be taken / when a downhiller French toast in hot oil, it can easily come up sputtering.
What do I need?
Home - slices of bread Home - eggs couple of Home - water or milk Home - salt Home - oil for frying Home - pan Home - Fork Home - latticed spoon

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