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How to choose wine?

How to choose wine? Selection of wines is not an easy job

How to choose wine?
Selection of wines is not an easy job. Whether it is an opportunity izezetno important family gathering or just need to know certain rules on the selection of wines. With these steps afford themselves and their loved ones the perfect moments provides a well-chosen wine.
Heres how:
- With cold appetizers - prosciutto, salami, goose pate etc. - dial dry white wine. Home - With ostige, crabs and clams dry champagne or dial young light white wine. Home - With starters with eggs, meat choose lighter red wines.
With the white-fish are always drinking white wine, unless the fish is stored on the grill. Then allow the lighter red wines.
- With the light meat and poultry dial Chardonnay white wine type. Home - The dark meat of game and choose a heavier red wine type Marlot Home - go perfectly with cheeses old white Sauvignon wine type. Home - With sweets, cake and ice cream are served aromatic full bodied sweet dessert wines. Home - With fruits and nuts dial dessert wine or semi-dry champagne. Ideal is an average. Home - After a meal served to further the enjoyment of dry type Brut champagne.
The soup is never used wine, but rarely is the appetizer. Throughout the meal wine Serviraj from white to black, from lighter to heavier flavors and drier.

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