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Education and Psychology the category in which you can find all about the care of children, ADHD in children, high conflict divorce and children, business intelligence, ethics in the workplace, distance learning, internet etiquette, communication training...


What is the need for a new ID card?

Wondering what you need for a new ID card? Here are the answers for the new ID card is necessary to:

Wondering what it takes for a new ID card?
Here is the answer, for a new ID card is necessary to: Home - previously taken out a personal card to see if youve had - if it is lost, You can attach a passport or drivers license - Home - a birth certificate available to the original Home - proof of citizenship of the Republic of Serbia and in - original of the document Home - birth certificate - if the marriage last changed - original for inspection - Home - preferably bring a photo that should be the size of 50 x 50 mm - en face on a solid gray background - which must not be older than six months for a person whose first issue biometric ID card Home - proof of payment of fees: the identity card and the cost of technical development of the ID card

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