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Nutrition for a healthy pregnancy

Combining the proper foods will prevent the occurrence of common problems, but you umonogome contribute to the health of her unborn child.

Do not you sometimes get the knowledge of the pregnancy one big jigsaw puzzle where one piece still missing? Therefore, it is always necessary before pregnancy and during the pregnancy are well informed about all to make sure that you do the best for your child and yourself. As usual in everyday life and in pregnancy is very important and healthy nutrition. It is therefore very important to know which foods are good for you and your child and are properly consumed. Because these tips on healthy eating accept serious and responsible and you will certainly ensure a healthy pregnancy.
diet to strengthen your babys bones
To the babys bones and teeth to be healthy and strong, you need a thousand milligrams of calcium a day. Insufficient intake of minerals and can harm you, not just a baby. Due to lack of calcium during pregnancy, your body will deplete it from your bones, which can lead to complications and the possibility that you develop osteoporosis later. In addition to dairy products and canned sardines, the vitam you can find in foods such as cereals, bread, eggs, fresh vegetables and orange juice. Food
against morning sickness
Plan your meals so that they may be the best part
Clinical studies on nutrition confirm that the individual is morning sickness, and of all universal recipes, this combination has helped in 83% of cases. If you just stay in those 17% try to prevent nausea in the following way. Keep salty crackers by your bed every morning, As you wake up, take a few bites. Snacking every few hours will take your blood pressure stable which greatly helps in eliminating nausea. rice, mashed potatoes or yogurt are also good options.
What to eat for the restoration of cell growth

Foods rich in protein is of vital importance, especially for your baby, because it restored the cell growth. Protein foods are excellent for restoring the placenta and uterus, lowers high blood pressure and prevent potential discomfort due to breastfeeding. proteins are enriched with: beans, eggs, beef, turkey, lamb, peanut butter, and seafood.
Food for babys brain development
from 25% to 30% of total calories during the day are healthy fats, which is very good for brain development and bebinogh her sight. Fish oils are key ingredients for the development of central nervous system, because they contain omega-3 fats. To avoid the effects of fish as a potential allergen can cause, keep the fish cold leader such as salmon and tuna. their corresponding replacement may be flax oil, pumpkin and sunflower seeds and nuts. Food
against congenital defects
Folic acid and vitamin B, found in certain foods, helping to reduce the risk of neural tube defects such as spina bifida. To prevent this type of defect, consume 400 micrograms of folate per day before pregnancy and during pregnancy for three months, or until forming organs and the spinal cord. proper folnih acid intake can prevent defects by 70%. If pregnancy was not planned, start with folate intake as soon as possible and feel free to increase the amount of 600 micrograms per day. best sources of folate include whole grains, rice, dark green leafy vegetables, cabbage, cauliflower, peas, spinach, melons and
Reduce the risk of premature birth
Adequate intake of vitamin C - at least 80 mliligrama day - can help prevent premature birth. Vitamin C strengthens all membane in the body, including the amniotic membrane whose loss can lead to premature birth. Foods rich in this vitamin increase the absorption of iron, which is essential for fromiranje hemoglobin that carries oxygen in blood. Most vitamin C include broccoli, citrus fruits and juices, mango and tomato. Miscellaneous fruits and vegetables a very important segment of proper nutrition during pregnancy
Ishranom do better blood count
recommend that during pregnancy the daily intake of duplicate amounts of iron - 27 milligrams a day - because its deficiency anemia may require. iron is the primary task and produce hemoglobin in red blood cells where it produces oxygen, which is need for your baby. also need to enter and vitamins B6 and B12 that make red blood cell count increases, the ravzvijaju centrani nervous system tissue and baby. These vitamins can be found in protein foods like green leafy vegetables - kale and cabbage -, liver, or canned oyster.
Regular chair is important in pregnancy
Iron in your prenatal nutrition, and pregnancy itself can lead to constipation. To avoid this discomfort, you will need about 25 to 35 grams of fiber in the daily diet. Try raposdijelite amount by taking ten grams of fiber each regular meal. Do not forget to drink water throughout the day, because fiber intake without slows down the process of constipation. beans, fruits and vegetables are the main sources of fiber.
Strengthen your muscles the proper nutrition
Protein is the building blocks of human tissues blog. day while you are pregnant you need from 60 to 70 grams of protein. Their role is to provide amino acids that are joined by babys muscles and organs. Protein-rich foods unostiti is particularly important in the last quarter in order to maximize the growth of the fetus. Foods rich in protein, and thus the zinc and iron, are legumes, dairy products, peanut butter and poultry. Food
against osteoropoze
If you do not consume enough calcium, your baby will draw it from your bones, which can lead to a reduction in their mass and deterioration of bone tissue. Therefore, there are great chances of breaking bones. addition to the mandatory 1000 milligrams of calcium during the day, it is input and 200 milligrams of vitamin D, which can be found in foods such as salmon, tuna, cod, herring and sardines.
Here, we have come up to the very end. now need to extract all the foods that we have provided and to whom you can come, and that they raposredite into your eating plan that will certainly contribute to a healthy pregnancy.

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