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Cavitation Everything You Need to Know

Cavitation is a treatment that is a completely painless way can speed up weight loss and eliminate cellulite. It works on almost all types of constitution, it is completely painless and easily performed without surgery.

Crawling, indexing is approaching summer, warm weather lures us to wear lighter clothing. However, the biggest obstacle in their summer beauty to many is their own body dissatisfaction. In these treniucima many choose to cavitation. It is a process in a completely painless How can I speed up the results of diet and physical activity. Cavitation affects almost all types of constitution, it is completely painless and simple to exercise, no surgery, and therefore no recovery from such treatment.
What is cavitation

Ultrasonic cavitation is currently creating a vacuum tears, popularly called bubbles in the fluids that immediately after it is created suddenly implode, creating millions of microscopic liquid jets that gently clean the parts that are submerged in the tank. Temperature and pressure in the vicinity of these events reach high values. This procedure content adipocytes - tri-glycerides are eliminated through the lymphatic and blood system. Cavitation - now create a vacuum tears, popularly called bubbles that suddenly implode temperature generated high frequency focused ultrasound - 3 MHz - melt the fat tissue without affecting surrounding tissue and blood vessels. During treatment, joined the lymphatic drainage treatments as cavitation-expel excess fat from the body.
How is cavitation and how often
This treatment is done once a week. After 5 treatments, you can expect a reduction in the volume of 6cm to 10cm, or 10 kg 5do. It all depends on how much you can during the treatment follow proper nutrition and regular physical activity. Cavitation is performed by the ultrasound probe crosses body parts for twenty minutes for each part - ultrasonic cavitation lasts 40 minutes -. This is followed by lymphatic drainage - 20 min -. In the course of treatment of for example 5 weeks should be out fizzy drinks, sugary and fatty foods . need to feed Cavitation is a painless treatment of healthy and drink plenty of water during the day. With the correction of nutrition is particularly important, and physical activity that contributes to the rapid discharge of fat from the critical parts of the body. Cavitation respond to particular critical parts of the body and thus helps you looks perfect to very quickly.
If you decide to treat cavities inquire about the competence of the person who performs them. It is necessary to draw the body parts and muscles that contain the most fat. Therefore, the best treatment is performed by qualified personnel. It important is the fact that the pounds do not come back, especially if well implemented postkavitacijiski program. It is interesting that the cost of treatment available. especially in comparison with a group of liposuction operations. Kavitavcija is nevertheless intended for weight loss and eliminate cellulite. This gives another advantage over all the expensive, painful treatments in the fight against excess weight and cellulite.

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