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Children What you should know about popular diets

List of most popular diets with useful instructions that you might have missed.

nutrition through various kinds of diet has become imperative. In order to appear overnight as convenient Hollywood stars, many are switching to a special diet that is not at all harmless. Diet includes a limited intake of certain foods in order to achieve weight loss. In any journal, whether male or female, you can always find an article of diet recommended by the actors, models, musicians, presenters ... and then you decide, Monday to be disciplined, go pokupujete the store and all of the list, prepare breakfast, which consists of squeezed oranges and biscuits. Do you have lunch so exhausted that you do not have the strength to open the fridge and you have to ask someone to do it for you. You take a paper and read what now goes for lunch, when it says the grilled chicken and salad. Starving agree on everything you eat meat as if for the first time in my life and do not rebel if you do yesterday as a joke clean the whole pile. By supper you should infusion, so weak that you look like someone beat you, the last atom of strength going for another squeezed juice for dinner. This way of eating after a few days for you to create an addition of organic and psychological disorders. epilogue overeating followed by vomiting. And what did you do? Nothing. Most diets you read in the newspapers if appropriate celebrity does not mean that they will respond to you. In the below diets recommend that you inform yourself about the blood type diet. In addition, a familiar face with you always personal trainers and doctors who care about their health. If you still believe that the child is the only solution for you, here are some popular, so you decide if this is a good diet: the Atkins Diet
Creator the diet dr. Robert Atkins assures you that you will lose thirty days thirty pounds. Only if you eat food that contains carbohydrates. In the beginning when your body is not accustomed permitted to use the minimum amount and then gradually stop completely remove them. If you happen to break the rule and take some bread or your favorite cake that lures you in the pastry, then your digestive system turns against you and stop fat loss. So, all you can eat protein-meat, fish, eggs ... -. Keep in mind that such a diet can easily lead to a deficiency of vitamin C, E, A and B and you can feel the unpleasant symptoms that result from not drinking calcium and magnesium that are absent from this diet.
Montignac b / b Many
this diet called Diet United Nations which has nothing to do with this organization. UN means UNDIET-not diet -. Whoever invented this made a great move, and dispenses with the human psyche. Well, of course, everyone will run to keep a diet that is not. And why is it called a diet? Basically people are the first association-no starvation! The UN is as revolutionary discovery is the first- an honored place among the diets. And here is what is not allowed by Dr. Atkins, you can eat sweets, but be prepared for a boring and monotonous diet. One day you drink only water, the second day eat only fruit, only the third carbohydrates ... and all so on. If you eat more like this count on anemia, problems with digestion and calcium deficiency. can lose weight to 25 pounds. lasts three months.
Cabbage Diet
Basically, this diet is cabbage. Create a special cabbage soup and eat it all week duration of this diet. that you eat whatever you feel glad kDa. In addition to the first day a child can eat the fruit as you want except bananas. To eat bananas have to wait until the fourth day, then you allowed to eat as many as three. Basically you can eat variety, it is permissible to eat meat, vegetables, rice, but on certain days. for seven days, seven pounds. Bread is forbidden as well as alcohol and drinks containing carbohydrates. Cabbage diet as you memory usually leaves a lack of zinc and vitamin B and you may feel a constant weakness.
carnivores to this diet might go down well. meat is eaten only on fruits and vegetables You must not forget. vitamins that you will definitely lose because its not normal to the body only brings meat, recovered tablets. milk and sweets are strictly prohibited. Save a lot of money if you plan to hold the meat diet, because as much meat is entered, you will have to destroy the all butchers in the area. But what has the connections, the month will look fit. women suffering from osteoporosis should not keep this diet because calcium deficiency which is not in the flesh, the body will be taken from the bones and teeth. A can suffer liver and kidney.
DIET This diet of many people prefer because it lasts 24 hours and costs you nothing. All you need to get a calendar of moon phases. During the new moon begins a diet consisting of water uptake and unsweetened tea. Food is not taken! Moon diet designed for anyone who wants a fast way to cleanse the body of toxins. During these 24 hours can be an attack of hunger and who can not hold water day can take one cup vegetable juice. During the period of the new moon you can lose six pounds but if you start following the diet to overeat will return them immediately, and you pray to the moon to be young again.
In most cases children are double-edged sword. lose weight will provide a variety of disorders. They are mostly for popularizing starvation responsible media. promote thinness as the ideal layout has taken its toll over time. Teenage girls look to the anorexic models and actresses adopting their lifestyle and so end up in hospital with serious eating disorders. At one point, someone is still realized that they should declare war on anorexia and started the campaign. A few years around the world have begun to spring up billboards with the image of anorexic French model Isabelle Karo who unfortunately died last year. If you are obese and do not know how to remove the excess weight that our advice is only slightly restrict your diet and moderate exercise. combination of foods is the most effective solution. Try it and see! For example, if you love bread, but only eat it with vegetables! Except legumes - peas, beans, green beans - which are eaten without bread. I can not eat sweets, but let go four hours before you take anything else. If you eat ten pancakes so far from now eat three. It is not depriving yourself of any foods you love. only smaller and properly combine ! Results will be visible after a month and most importantly pounds are not coming back. not need draining a child because no one has become slim overnight. You took the time to ugojite will need time to lose weight. This is a normal process, you can download for seven days, something that has been accumulating in seventy days. Enter monthly tons of food and now expect to get rid of burden at once. Sometimes you can save the fat for three days but then comes to yo-yo effect and the pounds that you have returned to retrieve the tremendous speed plus get at least two redundant. If you have a problem with self control and just want to keep the diet it is best to visit a nutritionist to help you determine the one that suits your backup. We recommend that you look at the BBC documentary about how he makes a mistake when the diets. The passage you have the video below.

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