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Removing stretch marks

Stretch marks, white marks on your body know that inflict real trouble. Heres how to remove stretch marks.

keep you on some diets, lose weight rapidly and in a short time again ugojite and faster than you lose weight, suddenly one morning you notice that your body mottled red and white horizontal stripes. These are stretch.
Stretch marks are actually a kind of scars and appear due to rupture of the connective tissue of the skin. For example, you had fifty pounds and gained weight you are thirty, your skin is gradually stretched like a balloon and ripped which is resulted in the formation of stretch marks. At the beginning of the red and then as a chameleon changes color, becoming white. Basically they all perceive the white phase when the removal of stretch marks and slower and more difficult.
Panic of pregnant women have stretch marks because This tatoo on body received somewhere in the seventh month of pregnancy, and where else but on the belly, sometimes on the thighs, buttocks and the chest which is a real shock. After giving birth most women should not dare to go on more or pool due to excessive worries what will viewers think. If your skin is stretched when weight gain and even more rapidly if it is dry then you are the right candidate for stretch marks. Some dermatologists say that stretch marks are hereditary. detailed Look at your body and especially the upper arm, abdomen, chest, buttocks and thighs, so if you see stretch marks, here are some tips on how to reduce their visibility.
natural way to remove stretch marks
is best to begin preventive treatment until the stretch marks have not yet emerged. first to tell you that you have maintain a healthy weight and take care not to put on in order to avoid expansion and contraction of the skin due to the constant weight gain and weight loss. Twice a day apply a lotion for stretch marks and a slight circular motion using exfoliating gloves or hand massage massage in critical locations. Speaking the creams recommended famous balm for stretch marks. If you find a good each containing vitamin E.
Enrich your diet proteins and ingest vitamin C. Do not go anywhere without bras to avoid damage to the connective tissue of the breast will cause narrowing and relaxation. If you are a fan hippie movement and promotes all kinds of freedom, including then you must come to terms with stretch marks. When you become pregnant cuddle up creams for stretch marks but do not you go into an obsession, so that the afternoon coffee with friends run home to the Mazet.
phenomenal performance is obtained by peeling creams to help you remove dead cells from the skin after which it will be gentle and suitable for the absorption of creams for stretch marks. Do not lie in a tub filled with hot water, we know that before but it will still call stretch marks. warm bath will only dehydrate the skin and loosen the connective tissue. the chest you can put a cold compress but not icy not to get pneumonia. cold causes contraction of blood vessels.
Look at the pharmacy or almond oil oil obtained from wheat germ, also help. If you have stretch marks appear, take immediate measures to remove while still at an early stage red because they become white is extremely difficult and almost impossible the return of natural color.
Laser removal of stretch marks
One of the most popular method is laser removal. need to make at least ten treatments to stretch izbeledele because they can not be permanently removed once they occur. Laser only works on dark surfaces, but because when become a white stretch marks you will not do. Note that the laser treatment you must set aside enough money and apply pain. Try and deep massage, it is also effective because the goal is to improve the circulation of the places that were attacked stretch. If you have a stretch of white color, then we would not make you afraid but there is little chance that you will make them invisible. Do they do potamnjivati ​​creams because it will make to become more visible. White stretch marks can only cure with the help of special methods of laser micro-dermabrasion. Microdermabrasion is a procedure removal of dead skin cells with the help of a vacuum, to make space for new and fresh. It is easy to perform and most importantly does not hurt! Two weeks is the recommended treatment is that it does not work in the late fall and during the summer. Do not forget to stretch marks are not lost completely, but this is the best method for their concealment.
It is true that stretch marks look ugly, but we agree that we see no reason why the rules of the noise around them. If you are ashamed to undress on the beach you just wear one-piece bathing suit and enjoy. Only you will know that you have stretch marks. And what was your concern when a change in the skin. If for example your partner just like you with no stretch marks, then it is not true. Stretch marks can also serve as an excellent test for love. one who loves you and loving you a hundred pounds with all the stretch marks! It is no stretch to say that some are not dangerous to your health. Sometimes it can also be caused by hormonal imbalances in the body, or a variety of hormonal therapy. Amazing Aloe Vera plant has an incredibly positive effect on stretch marks. Get in the form of creams or spray, apply and massage. When you go to purchase do not forget to buy a grapefruit. Eat it and throw the peel than the pan in place with stretch marks on the skin. be perfectly clean skin. Choose according to their capabilities treatment and forget it Who has the stretch marks, it is better.

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