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First and foremost, be realistic! Nonstop No one is happy, smiling, cheer. We all have individual variations depending on the mood of the day, month, or year. According to the British poll, happiness seems to be calms the time of puberty to 40tih years, and then slowly rises to its peak in early 70tim! So say the study, and I assume that the fingers interfering grandchildren! And somehow I knew that the school age is the happiest period in life, but I dare say ! So the time is still ahead of luck to you! - provided you live in Britain, where he conducted the study - but before your 70th birthday, here are a few tips on how you can increase your inner smile and no wrinkles laughing:
realize that happiness is a specific state of mind and not something that I can look objectively defined? You will probably find anyone who dares to preach to you about your own happiness, first tell you need to work to as many HEALTH! Spend as much time with people you love, respect their needs and their love, And do not be afraid to openly show their affection and feelings. John Lennon - The secret of happiness, happiness is giving away - and not in receiving, taking or God forbid the seizure, as some people wrongly see! -. If you could give to someone every day, something - it may not be something material, it may be your time, your compliment, providing advice, support or just a hug - All gifts can be provided if the heart -. If you have time and strength, make from time to time a small charity. Gather old clothes or shoes you wear and do not give a home for abandoned children. There will appreciate it more than you can imagine , a feeling of satisfaction you felt then that will bring you multiple profits - will feel that you are useful, good, noble, you can make a significant step, die in you I appreciate your confidence will increase significantly, and therefore I feel lucky. Get a pet. Animals have specific communications with people, a relaxed energy, and if they attach to them - a dog or a cat - you can become not only a source of happiness, but I really friends Looking for positive people, situations, things, anything that makes you laugh really, long and from the heart. This includes watching comedies, reading jokes. Chinese even have a tradition in its Millennium habit to be forcibly every day, until it becomes so ridiculous that their laughter grow into a real, honest laugh. Finally, do not Remember that a smile is a free gift of nature, why should we when we comes from inexhaustible sources.
Be honest with yourself and others. Remember old dobropoznatog slogan The truth sets you free, free from the shackles of many - of the negative feelings of frustration, of discontent, of remorse and guilt, the pressure and stress, as well as from false expectations and disappointment. So, tell what you think, I think what you say. Do something meaningful for their appearance, and it fits into your budget. Go to the pool, then a massage, haircut, manicure or shopping. even small changes or new little things can trigger feelings of happiness I bring a little serenity into your everyday life. Surround yourself with pleasant scents. No need to buy expensive bouquets of roses or perfumes. It is enough to light a scented candle or buy one of the many air fresheners smell which is now offered in almost all shops. suggest the smell of lavender , but it is your final decision based on your personal scent preferences. happy and intelligent are the rarest I know! Stay in close touch with nature. If you are not able to walk through the forest or to spend a pause in the park, get a bar bouquet of flowers, the tree of life or at least paste a picture or poster of a pleasant natural environment in a visible place on the wall in your working room, office or living room. go outdoors at night I watch the sky. When we understand and realize that we are just tiny grains dust in the vast universe and all our worries and problems we will act small, and the pleasure and happiness as a miracle given to us to live and breathe and grow awaken in us only positive emotions that inspire and lift the mood. Listen to music that lifts you off the chair, which makes you wiggle your hips, the hands or tapping their feet .... The music that you simply makes you active, hum, or in any other way to follow the rhythm, it is definitely the music that you hear as often as I let her whenever you it become an opportunity, or go to the movies, I care summary and repertoire. not enough just watching the screen, it is important to choose a movie that you on something nice that elicits your smile ... mostly to romantic comedies, but this is stereotype. Good examine your favorites, maybe you prefer a cartoon or musical, and maybe even a spectacle ... so is there anything interesting I of American films in which they - the Americans - I make a problem and solve it, all the 90ak minutes ?
Find your favorite places where you feel good! This can place in a café in a corner of the garden, Park, on the lookout ... anywhere where your soul somehow merges with the environment where I feel calm as you meditate ... it is good to have such places in the reserves ... especially if you are not far away and if their time is not very strict if you have options - money And a couple of days off, can I Weekend - TRAVEL! Change the environment really does miracles as nothing more thing, if you go to visit a loved one, or at an event - an exhibition, fair, concert - which attracts a lot of you ... Remember - NOT LUXURY, its not a waste of money if you have previously calculated that you could afford such a painless way. Do not analyze further, but book your ticket, please be friend or relative in the village or town and start packing. As soon as the wheels move as soon as I leave the open road and your horizons will be broader and clearer! moment that can only be described as pure luck Do something for the first time in my life! I can count hundreds of ordinary or unusual things you might try, but it is you who know best what it is that all these years waiting for you! You only know how much you creative, active fourth or something ... if I still have no inspiration, look for signs in your everyday life, summary and captions in newspapers, pictures on posters and billboards, switch on the TRAVEL Channel, National Geographic, etc. .... You may find the lamp light up when you least expect! usually so ... Believe it or not, some people brightest ideas come to mind while sitting on the toilet! I , whatever you do with loved ones, family, coworkers, shoot and shoot. back to the photos and videos always runs the tide of positive emotion, tenderness and love, and to be nurtured because they are very basic emotions from which sprout happiness and satisfaction! If you religious, there is no need to remind you the tranquility and comfort provided by religion and holy books. Only you can nod and say, do not forget that the happiness we seek is not no manic state of extreme excitement, but a silent satisfaction of our souls who like to drive our whole body, and shines on the face. If you are not religious, there are things in you being in awe, spirituality, awaken and refresh them! And do not forget that AFTER THE RAIN COMES THE SUN ALWAYS, no matter how I feel unhappy now, be aware that are in place to better life, and far more difficult situation ... we usually still hidden somewhere in the path towards better and the way to Goreme, to you to take the helm and set your sails!

RECIPES FOR HAPPINESS - COOK IN WHICH read between the lines!
There is one quote that often recall with a smile, and I may raise your spirits is currently going through hell? just continue to walk! ... perhaps you are on the last corner, just steps from his complete happiness! Acceptable dose of optimism in 90% of cases, things are turning in our favor! Not only this, there are so many other good and beautiful aphorisms and texts that you can look to yourself, and there Far Inside you get to ask yourself good questions, for example.
Where does this negative mood and why I am not happy as the others? Do others really much happier than me? What is happiness really? How do I find my happiness? Etc. And when you find the answers to these questions, you may no longer be required only advice! I will not enumerate here quotes of other people, philosophers who lived before 1000 or even 2000 years ago, now they do not perfectly even interesujuju fortune or misfortune, however, some of them have long ago revealed some regularities in people and the people they are repeated I have survived through the centuries and even today there are, no matter what, meanwhile, brought the history, politics, biology, genetics , and so on. Also, everyone has their poets, their writers, their sentences of us have a special meaning ... find them, write the best that I can hang on to you some important and visible place - above the desk, the fridge, Frame it as an image in your living room or bedroom ... maybe even on a mirror in the bathroom - some to be the first thing youll read every morning, let you start with that day, it makes sense, right? And, remember, are not wise to only those that have all heard about that in school, those whose words I often read the lessons. There are many smart and wise anonymous one, just need to sharpen your ear, your eardrum tight in the right direction. This I know from personal experience, often razmijem that smart with the merchants who meet for the first time. Somehow it is easier to open the soul of a total stranger because there is no result of any confessions or questions! In a mans world, this role of available and far more favorable psychotherapists have waiters and Society the bars ... although it does not cite as a tip, but the fact is that they are indeed very well aware of the human small and large struggles. They and hairdressers, definitely!
, among many other tips and tricks and practical wisdom that I would like to share with you, with the hope that tomorrow youll feel a wave of happiness and satisfaction, the gentle breeze of hope and faith that this life is one big miracle that I will eventually be the way all right. Cause I know you, if you believe in themselves, walk through life with a broad smile that comes from the depths of your being ...

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