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How to improve memory and concentration

Whether you have problems with memory or concentration, see our tips ...

Do you wonder how you can not remember the names of some important people, what did you do yesterday at noon and that was the last movie you watched in the cinema, and you can think of some other, minor events or details that you can not make far more important in your life? memory problems are not always a serious sign that something is wrong or should have an organic basis, but certainly a sign of slowing down brain activity - what happens when aging - and we can often removed from the clock.
We must be aware that this can affect mental function persistent and systematic work, as we do for your body by doing regular recreational exercise - fitness, training, jogging, hiking, etc. -.
If you collect courage and self-recognition that can affect their natural processes, such as memory, then follow at least some of the following tips:
matter how trite it sounds, oxygen plays a significant role in the brain that transmits blood flow. This enhances the regular motion , slow, deep breath - Yoga breathing - the fresh air. Entering enough B vitamins that help to repair brain tissue. This vitamin is given by eating bananas, meat, especially turkey, whole grains, nuts and seeds, almonds, and others. Of course, that does not mean you should eat each day a kilo of bananas, it is sufficient that the pound evenly between daily meals during the week. Water makes up 85% of the brain and is therefore essential that we take more liquids - 8 glasses a day - to avoid dehydration. Fluid loss occurs more easily tired, and thus decrease the overall psychological and physical faculties of man.
encourage you to experiment in the kitchen, which brings added fun to your everyday life. For example, you can combine dairy products, various cereals, bananas and honey and make a great treat for both your stomach and brain. As for inedible advice. . mental condition, particularly concentration and memory can effectively increase the memory for the purchase of the entire list - try to go in the weekly shopping without any reminders what to buy -, solving crossword regular words, learning texts by heart - and turn your emotions in this exercise: select a few favorite songs and try to learn them for a really short time -, listening to classical music, recollection, that is. Listing of all the sleep events that occurred during the day like making a brief overview so.
Besides these, there are other, less or more complex activities that can increase your mental fitness and ability, but it all still depends on you: how much you are willing to invest additional effort, time and effort! How much do you really care about the progress in this direction! Remember, anything is possible and whats more effort, this must be a success!

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