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How to calculate your fertile days

If you want to know who you are most fertile days of the month, see our guide.

Every woman should keep notes of each month of the menstrual cycle, abundance and length. You can make your own calendar on an annual basis and keep track of your cycle, or just ask your doctor or pharmacy in the small cardboard that contains all the instructions. fertile days are inextricably linked with the threads of your cycle and to calculate them, you can keep your calendar. Since ancient times, well-known story that is clear when a woman is most fertile, that is to be concluded by all the different mood.
bring you a way to bypass them and stand against medical records. First, to clarify a major issue. What are the fertile days? during the ovarian cycle releases an egg ready for fertilization, and then perform ovulation. Ovulation takes several days and then the probability of conception is highest. precisely calculate the fertile days and avoid some of the same couples taken as a contraceptive.
The menstrual cycle is the period between the two menstualna bleeding and on average should last exactly 28 days. Since every womans reproductive system number varies from 28 to 35 days. cycle due to ovulation is divided into two parts: the period before ovulation and after ovulation period. first day your period is taken as the beginning of your cycle. time before ovulation is often a variable number, and because the cycle length is often is uneven. While the period after ovulation is always the same period, an average of 14 days, although some women know to pass two days earlier or much later. Based on these facts fertile days immediately after the last menstrual bleeding. However, the fact is clear: free from the egg, which is ready for fertilization, live from 12 to 14 hours, a spermatozodi, male sex cells, can survive in a woman in an average of 3 to 5 days. Anatomical representation of the female reproductive
Knowing these two facts, most fertile days of each woman is about 5 days before ovulation and 1 to 2 days after. Since ovulation usually menstualnog the middle of the cycle, and if we look to the average cycle is exactly 14th day before the next menstruation, a woman most fertile period is from 19 days before the next menstrual period - ie. 9 days of the menstrual cycle - up to ten days before menstruation - or 18th day of the cycle -. Medical truth is: they are most fertile days in the middle of the menstrual cycle, some women and this number varies, but the average still suggests that the most fertile days last from 7 to 9 days. For example, if the cycle is a woman as 39 days of its fertile day in the period from 16th to 25th cycle of the day.
There is another secondary indicator of fertile days and that is the reaction of the body, or cervical mucus. immediately after the menstrual bleeding occurs muddy, sticky and thick mucus and fruitful approach has become more abundant and bistija. woman is most fertile on the last day of such discharge, because it facilitates sperm entry into the uterus. After ovulation, the amount of mucus is reduced, it becomes denser and ljepljivija. For all those ladies who are not separated from their computer gadgets in it to keep records of everything, this is the ideal website for you: http://www. plodnidani . com /
This record takes you a few minutes a day, do not forget. It is essential to know how long your cycle is the only way you can have a good method to protect against unwanted pregnancy or a good way to set my attitude for the coming baby. Note the their menstrual cycle and thus keep an eye on your health, because is there anything more important and more important in the world.

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