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Cider Vinegar as a cure

Learn how upotreblajvati apple vinegar for many ailments with healing.

Apple cider bears epithets like magic, magic, because the healing elixir of a broad spectrum of action and continues only takes courage to wear their symbols. Healing effects since ancient times have known, and his power is constantly confirmed.
Apple vinegar purifies the body so it breaks down fat, mucous and its deposits in the body, and after frequent use better functions of many organs such as kidneys, liver and gallbladder. helps people who have problems with arthritis by removing toxins from the joints and connective tissue. using this vinegar apple oxidation and cleaning the blood from toxic substances, then improves circulation and prevents blood clots.
For people who have problems with hipetenzijom - hypertension - or high cholesterol levels, apple cider vinegar everyday is a great preventive measure.
Cider vinegar has a beneficial effect on digestive problems, as it neutralizes toxic substances from the body. As one of the main features of apple vinegar, antibacterial, excellent protection of the human body from various infections, especially those that attack respiratory organs. As a means of liniment or compress applied to sore places, cider vinegar is an effective and outdoor use, the problem with varicose veins, rheumatic diseases, and eliminating the constant fatigue. real folk who used the elixir and our old
Here are some recipes with apple vinegar that can be done in a few moments, and certainly will bring great relief: chronic fatigue against the best is to mix three tablespoons apple cider vinegar with one cup of honey, pour into a jar and take every night before bed, two teaspoons of mixture. headache drink a glass of water in which dissolved two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and two tablespoons of honey. At burn apply several times a day, apple vinegar to avoid creating blisters, alleviate pain and accelerate against pain in the sinuses on each hour drink a glass of water which is diluted apple cider vinegar. painful area at night incase platnenon which aje cloth soaked in apple vinegar, and twist the top flatensku fabric. As for the internal treatment of rheumatic patients is recommended every day, drink a glass of water in which the diluted ten teaspoons cider vinegar, this two ways will succeed in time to remove or reduce rheumatic pain. If you have skin problems in the form of eczema, itching or blackheads cider vinegar can help. against eczema and itching may be best to place the affected Mazet three to four times a day and night twice. After frequent use, itching and eczema are withdrawn. blackheads spray a mixture of cider vinegar - 4-5 tablespoons - in the water several times a day use. Three times a day to drink a glass of water in which the mixed 2 tablespoons cider vinegar, and will succeed to lower blood pressure. To make your hair was healthy and shiny, you can make hair conditioner of apple cider by the mix one teaspoon of apple cider in 125ml of water.
Cider Vinegar need to use daily as a preventive measure, always at the same time, the same amount. In order to have results appear properly use this alternative medicine, listen to your body and think positive. Vinegar Apple has a long history for its medicinal importance, and adding a small amount of daily will improve the nutritional health of your body image.

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