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How to plan a trip to the sea with a baby

Summer vacation with a baby may not be so hard. With a good plan of action, patience and good humor travel can be very pleasant.

Summer is already warmed asphalt, courtyards, parks and all the others around you. Although you have a small baby at home, to a nicer place to enjoy the benefits of the summer. If you decide to go the more you need a little more planning to stay even more successful. course and a lot of patience and hope that you will make plans. It is best to plan to travel at least a month before going to sea to be able to reserve accommodation. You will be safer at the bar when the where you go to the sea. It would be good if your destination is a peaceful place with cleaner seas and beaches, as if the time you realize that your vacation will be subordinate to your then you stress free to submit any unforeseen situation. Pack a couple of drugs in each case: suppositories, or syrup for fever, saline and bulb syringe for nose, and a slight cough syrup and erektlolita solution for dehydration, Lily burns oil, baby lotion, and sunscreen with a high factor designed for babies. the sea can hyperici buy oil, it has many medicinal properties: in particular for insect bites and burns. Sheets and towels for your special to make sure you always sleep on a clean pair of toy-especially for the beach, a little light clothes, strollers. For travels bring plenty of water, lighter snacks and biscuits, some fruit, for example. bananas and a couple It all depends on how much you little one. Also, you need a pair of diapers and marmica, a little lighter clothing, if the baby sweat. Top is the time to go either early morning or afternoon. During times bebca check, no matter if asleep. Is it hot forehead, tummy, rukice and offer him more water. It would be good to at least every two hours stop - if you travel car - to bebac little refreshed.
Talk bebcu where you travel, when you arrive at the destination of all that clarify. Your vote will settle the matter without understanding or not what I was saying. We wish you a pleasant journey and a wonderful time in this summer days. Enjoy the moments spent with the baby at sea.

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