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How to fish a fish

Basic methods of fishing for beginners

This text opens with a smaller series of articles dedicated to this hobby that is truly exceptional. Sport. Nowadays, every day all over the face and all the more difficult to handle stress and problems. It is therefore very important to find some kind of exhaust valve that negative energy can not be channeled into it. If youre looking for a sport that involves spending time in nature, which in itself is relaxing and positive impact on then consider fishing as a really nice activity. lakes, rivers, nature and water can really make a lot of for you. This text basics you need to know before you embark on this adventure.
basic types and methods of fishing
hunt fish with hooks and floats - the most common form of fishing in which both the total beginner can manage. For this type of fishing we need a long stick - a length of approximately 3 to 4 - and smaller reels. Siluk or fishing string used to be thinner thickness from 0.18 to 0.25 mm. In addition it is necessary to stick provide a package of small hooks, and floats and weights, which are sold in all stores ribomaterijala in smaller boxes. There are two types of floats: fixed and sliding. Fixed floats are placed on siluk by their guides through siluk and then pull the rubber bands to the float and often come to fix siluk. Moving float siluku determine the depth at which we want to fish. the fixed floats are assembled by first string to put the rubber stopper that can be bought in all shops ribomaterijala, and then mounted and float the siluk. Thereafter, and in one case and the second lead is applied, then at the end siluka install and hook. This type of fishing is used both on rivers and lakes. Fish bites when the float moves in a direction or to underline the water and then contrasts that we, jerk the rod to plunge a hook in the mouth fish. Details about this method in future articles. depth fishing with depth the leader. - and this type of fishing is convenient and the lakes and rivers. rod can be a length of 2m to 3m and payload of 40 to 100 grams. takes lead grammage of 40 to 100g and hooks. Lead can be at the bottom or middle of the leader, depending on the type of lead. Hooks to the rules of the sport can be a maximum of two linked above and below the lead. fish bait when the rod moves, and then the right time to counter. This type is convenient for those who do not like to travel a lot and want to settle comfortably in a chair and wait for the fish to bite. Details about this method in subsequent articles. hunt fish with fraud - - love this technique, the predatory fish such as pike, salmon, trout, perch, catfish asp, chub and the like. It is used both on lakes and rivers. There are different lures and different methods keeping varilce. All lures that imitate bait fish simply can not resist. What file credibly imitate bait to attack more likely. This type of fishing is for those who want a little more active fishing, with lots of throws and podrazimijeva move upstream and downstream looking for fish. fishnig Fly - Flyfishing - a very attractive method, and one might say the real sport of hunting fish method. looks attractive and is very dynamic. This method is love trout, grayling and chub. This is completely different from boredom fishing above and requires a lot of fishing knowledge and can not advise absolute beginners.
Here we have listed the most common fishing methods. Each of them will be devoted much more attention in future articles. also soon can you hope and articles about fishing accessories which will give you practical Tips on how to get cheaper as the first novice rig.

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