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Abs The best exercises for the abdomen stomach

You have 10 minutes? The flat and firm stomach and eyes visible through the tiles and four perfect exercise 10 minutes a day.

toned, smooth and striated stomach properly. So distant and elusive. San all of us and one of the greatest suffering, even those that intensive and prolonged training. Whats the secret? Why is it so hard to come by popular tile that does not leave you indifferent to women and members of the stronger sex? I know that many of you amaze simple solution to this mystery, but it is the will! Yes you read it, your will is all you need to have to travel to so-called, six-pack, or for those persistent, eight-pack stomach.
beginning to let you know thats not the chemical substance or any expensive equipment for the gym. Everything I tell you now the natural exercise of that you need just a little home space. Let me explain. As the years progressed the world in all its fields, thus pushing the limits of creating new trends. Due to our increasingly hectic lifestyle, thanks to scientific advances of today, all segments of human interest have been raised on higher level. This has resulted to date in every muscle in your body, you have at least four devices and even tens of times more training programs. Ill show you a much easier way with the same if not better, results. Training consists of four exercises . Each of them work consistently for 30 seconds. Only when you finish the circle, ie. when you have completed all four the other, resting 1 minute! The entire series of repeat 4 times. first exercise is known to double crunch - double layout -. This is an exercise in upper abdominal muscles. Lie on the floor, put the feet and knees bent at 45 degrees - as shown -. Try to lie on a sponge or thick blanket, as you will be the maximum load on the lower spine. keep your hands are behind head, namely, the fingers should touch the head of which is 7-10cm behind the ear. Then lift your feet in the air so that your knees form a right angle. with raised feet so go, at the same time, to move closer to the face of the knees, knees or face . Try to do as many reps in 30 seconds. Caution: Exercise does not work with closed eyes, as if your face and knees meet, injuries that can not even get a little naive.
& Pilates Exercises to loptomDruga exercise is to lower abs. can be done with aerobic ball, or with anything that is in the height of your shoulders when you stand in the pushup position - a bed, chair, armchair -. Exercise is very simple. Rely fists on the floor, slightly more than the width of your shoulders, facing down. legs to lift the ball, or some of these tools - free improvizujte - and move to lower the knees to the floor as much as possible. Make sure that you line connecting the shoulders and hips should be as straight as: Do not raise your hips in the air but only the knees down and back.
next exercise is elbow-elbow or bicycle. This is an exercise for lateral abs. used in almost every field because strong lateral muscles provide a solid basis and better mobility throughout the body. Exercise is very similar to the first, since they share the same position, but now instead of face-work knee-right elbow left knee. Youll immediately understand why its called a bicycle. To work as quickly as possible, hence as many reps very important factor is breathing. Synchronize breathing with the movements of the elbow. Example: the right hand-left knee - breath through the nose -, left arm and right elbow - exhale through the mouth -.
4 last and most difficult exercise is jack knives or switch. most difficult because it actually contains three different types of exercise and do all in her abs! This is the end of the series because of the exercise of this kind must be fully warmed up. Lie to your entire back touching the floor, door to hips. Gathered, fully extended leg should be elevated to a height of two feet. with the same hands, hands together, raised corrected to make the hair line that ends at a height of two feet also. One repeat looks like this: his legs Assemble at the knees and head for the spot as the first exercise. At the same time, not bending at the elbows, hands, try to reach the foot. then return to its original position, without lowering the arms and legs on the floor! When stopwatch strikes thirty seconds, waiting for your well-deserved vacation. Remember rest for 1 minute, between 4 of this series! only courageous, forward!
Abs With such an ideal would be to work and push-ups.

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