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How to teach your child to sleep

Awakening of babies older than six months who is not sick is not just a phase that will pass soon. Some kids are really such that it alone learn to sleep through the night. Parents and children are really lucky.

Awakening babies older than six months who is not sick is not just a phase that will pass soon. Some kids are really such that it alone learn to sleep through the night. Parents and children are really lucky. That does not mean you and your child can learn to do the same. The only difference is what youll learn how you, it means you will be helped because it knows only to establish your rhythm. The method we describe can be used in infants older 6 months - since then, babies do not need night meal - and your children who have not learned this important lesson of good sleep.
For a good sleep the whole night the main problem lies at the very beginning - how to put to sleep. Every fall asleep with a parent means the child learned to fall asleep in your area and if he wakes up at night and for a moment, can not sleep without you. Motto: still sleeping like a baby and not very accurate. Watch your child while sleeping. Notice that often squirming in that wiggle and sometimes wake up. Remember that you yourself are doing the same.
may not be aware of that but during the night wake up often. It is so. listening and checking the security environment. you continue to sleep alone when you unconsciously make sure everything is OK, but your baby then you search with you because i fell asleep. When you see that not everything in its place she awoke. realized he was not in her arms where she fell asleep, no mum or dad, TVs, pacifiers, or anything that is was there when sleeping. It will then probably fall asleep if her or give a bottle, pacifier, honey, blanket, mom or dad, put her to bed with him or stantly. This means that the child can not sleep through the night unless there until sleeping all the conditions in which to sleep. blanket, honey, you can easily retrieve a pacifier and baby will soon be put to sleep without you again when you find them myself. So, if you create the conditions for sleep, then your child without you and will not be able to sleep. If it only creates the conditions for sleep, then it is desirable habit of falling asleep.
teach your baby to sleep without your help is not an easy job. It is important that these habits can change. It is important to be persistent, consistent, and especially patient.
After an evening preparing for sleep: bathing, dressing and feeding and rest your baby need a routine that you will get used to it and know that sleep follows. It is therefore important that you prepare your child to sleep is always at the same time that you and your corresponds to a child. That evening routine should be done in a quiet environment, free tv, a lot of noise or people. This is a period of 10 minutes to half an hour. baby then you can swing, cuddle, nosati, sing to her, talk, play with it. Whatever she likes. It is important that those in timtrenucima not fall asleep, but to fall asleep without your assistance. During the evening routine that can have a toy next to him with which to sleep, blanket, pacifier.
After pats followed by sleep. That your baby needs to learn. When you carry around all the ritual preparation put the baby to sleep in her bed, kissed her, show her some sign that it is now time to sleep. Then get off, go out of the room. baby will vjovatno cry when left alone in a crib because it was something new for her. Allow 3 minutes to cry. Please watch it with you if you run just the feel and minutes will seem like an eternity. After that period, enter the room and comfort baby. Calm is, explain that it is time to sleep, that a lot of love but that she now has to sleep alone. After two minutes, go to the room, regardless of whether the baby is calm. Try to find a place to wait so that you see the baby but not the one you. Stay 5 minutes now and again to return to comfort. Next time let it be 7 minutes, and then again 7 min, and later at 9 min. Every time you return Be calm, do not angry because the baby to feel. Slowly and patiently explain to her that the time by doing sleep in her crib. Each subsequent day of the period when the baby is alone in a crib. next day, the first entry may take up to 5 min, and the third and each subsequent day 7 minutes.
probably be higher when they leave the baby in the cot, get up and keep up the fence. Then, for safety reasons set the cot so that baby can not fall out of it. variant is also possible that the more often you enter the room to check that the child has not tried to get out of the crib. You can extend the time a little gift and bedtime routines in order to child well-exhausted. It will soon get tired, and less time just to get up and fall asleep faster. This is a bit heavier varijnta because the slower flow Learning sleep.
first three days will be difficult. However, if you are consistent in the three days after the baby is going faster and faster zaspivati ​​itself. It is important to be calm and that you note is that you help your baby. It will be much inclined in the day if he slept all night. Even you will have more energy during the day if you sleep without waking up. Time also help your baby. You will pay more attention to her when you are rested and naspavan.
This method bedtime is quite effective because the child knows youre there, youll get when it is agitated. effectiveness of this method is better if you make a good daily rhythm of your babys activities. Observe your child, think about what could change in your schedule to and improved sleep patterns. If your child is sick do not apply this method. wait to heal and then enter the changes. There are also partial deviation from these rules if you do any of these answered. When any changes need to watch the action efiikasnost this method of learning sleep . If your child is sleeping through the night and when you sleep with your help, you do not need to change anything. Finally, remember that what a parent does not mean that you end up sleeping. On the contrary, now you definitely need a dream to be a better parent. If i have a problem with feeding your child learn how to teach your child to eat.

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