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Fun on the beach with my baby

Fun on the beach with will be guaranteed if you are well organized. Check on what specifically needs to pay attention to your party was a successful and safe.

, stones, sunny day, you and your baby at the beach. All of this together but you can associate a good time if you follow our plan of action. Before you go to the beach pack: a towel, a small towel to wipe, sunscreen, beach toys, pools, diapers, wipes and a bottle of water for the fruit snacks. Apply little one and yourself a high factor sun, put her hat and you can take action.
play on the beach bebcu to review all around. You Putting it and you allow him to walk - depending on how much a child -. Some are familiar with the environment through your story and watching. Explain that the water is salty, smile, and enjoy you in all so youll easily transfer bebca mood. childs diaper off and put on some lighter pants or diaper water. If the baby can be very moving, and get her little sandals, slippers for the beach.
Do not force him to go into the water . Slowly it a preparation to the temperature difference between water and air. Lightly wet all parts of the body in the shallows gradually lower it into the water. Be careful and keep good that it would not be flooded and the frightened waves. While it takes great care to the baby because the time can be tipped over and zgnjuri in water which can be very stressful. introduced pljeskajte hands, bounce the little one, is slowly going round in circles, watch the fish. In the shallows you can bring her bath toys: balls, ducks and the like. them dive in water, throw stones.
most children love to swim so youll probably have to have a strategy for getting out of the water. This may be a favorite toy, food, something interesting to distraction. After exiting the water a good little one wipe and let a little warm in the sun. Especially delete ears to prevent infection. It can be a little water and wash you left the sun to Then continue playing in the shade on the beach rake and blade-fill buckets make various forms of play or imaginative lunches hiding the object in the sand or pebbles make constructing and molding pools of water, hills bebcu will be interesting and placing sand or water from the container into the container, stones rattling game by splashing water in small pools show me the birds and the boats that pass
In the meantime, often offer a baby food and water. Allow him to move through the beach because they will all be much more interesting. Maybe you are lucky little one so familiar and new friends which will allow even more imaginative play with. Make sure that there are certain intervals going in and out of water water. Follow your child. if his body was cold - especially the ears and nose - do not let that be a lot of water, if it gets hot, stay in the shade. him regularly immerse in water head due to the heat and reload sunscreen and you can little one to wear a thin cotton shirt light color to protect from sun and breezes. the beach do not go out between 11 and 16 hours and not have fear of burns.
This plan of action you may give some time for your sun and swimming. However, you will be nice if you can spend each day in a good mood and smiles of your If you manage to steal some time for yourself then this will be traveling with a baby just ideal entertainment for the whole family.

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