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Teething how to help your baby

Your little one grow teeth, heres how you can help ...

If your baby wakes at night, is irritable, chew their fingers, toys and so on, poor appetite, poor sleep, and, red and swollen gums mean that the baby teeth to erupt. The baby teeth to be formed already in the set of months pregnant. Studies have been many studies that the mothers dental health status is related to the babys teeth. They conclude that if the mother during pregnancy has a broken tooth, it is very likely that the child will have the same problem until 5 years of age. The teeth erupt around the babys sixth month and rise to the third year. The first teeth to erupt as the first molars appear between the first and third years. For girls appear before the boys. The root of the tooth is growing and pushing the ends of the teeth through the gum and then the baby restless and irritable. If a baby cries more than four months and rub her gums with gel to your teeth. Gel can be purchased at the pharmacy and reduce pain baby. The symptoms of teething and itchy ears. While the temperature, diarrhea, and vomiting siptomi illness. Teething will prouzrokavati any disease. If after twelve months of a baby does not get a single tooth can consult your dentist. It can be hereditary.
few tips to help your baby during teething
when the drooling, the baby must be given water or sokica to compensate for fluid loss that babies who have more than four months should be used drops or gels for tooth, try massaging the gums distract attention, take a walk, if a doctor prescribes zaigravati paracetamol can be given, but only at the doctors instructions, by no means alone to give your baby aspirin or any other of the drugs never rub baby right alcohol because alcohol can be very dangerous for babies clean towel soaked with cold water and allow her to chew if your baby has more than six months of cold foods such as frozen bananas and cold rolls, it will help to numb the gums and thus rolls chewing gum, also the banana, but watch out when your baby becomes mushy in the mouth to remove
To worry about the hygiene of the baby so you need to worry about oral hygiene. When a baby is a year you can start brushing teeth with a toothbrush. Before you break out gauze moistened with water, or to erase the bitter tea gums. This will facilitate and contribute to the health of baby teeth and gums. Keep in mind that if you start early with brushing your babys teeth a child will acquire the habit later and will only brush their teeth. Until the child went to school the parents should they brushed their teeth.

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