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Care for children - all about health and hygiene for babies and children, baby clothes, children's wear, diaper, dental hygiene and baby food.


Puzzle for Children

Puzzle, can be a great contributor in raising and upbringing of children. Look at some of them.

entertain children is one of the best and worst jobs. All they offer are interested in them for ten minutes and then give them something else the attention. How many times have you just heard from your childs one famous sentence, when taken to the cinema or theater- And when we home? The task of every parent that their child, to the extent possible, ensure quality and carefree childhood.
things that they learn at an early age will have a huge impact on their orientation in life. Children are most like to learn through play, which is normal and should not burden them difficult and serious issues as childhood, the most beautiful part of the life of every man, fast passes for seriousness will have enough time. Today, there are a myriad of educational games for children of various ages. the most popular computer games but not forgotten, nor the good old board games and puzzles. We suggest that you still work around electronic games and create your own hobby with your child that you will have fun and learn to think. Well show you some of the exercises the so-called brain puzzles for kids, and maybe you motivate yourself to invent even more similar.
If your child is aged one to two years, then for him or her a very important movement coordination exercises conducted with the help of puzzles. simplest and most efficient sorting puzzle. Take a card and draw a variety of shapes, circles, stars, triangles, squares, animals ... if you think you have bad artist Do not worry, you can always cross out forms that are complicated and as for the geometric your best friend is a ruler and use it. When you draw it all carefully, if you have small scissors, cut out the inside of the form and take it out so that there is only a framework. Once all the clips, put the cardboard cut-out shapes on a larger area, on a table or on the floor and let your child sample cards to put them into the appropriate slot. Star to Star, a cat a cat, etc. ... In this way children develop their motor skills - to practice hand and eye -. If you consistently put such star in a circle or square on the shape of a star that is unmatched in the slot do not help them, let them try it until you agree that learning to reason and conclude.
Social games might best prepare children for adulthood. Games like Man does not get angry the and memory that require interaction with other people children learn to win and lose both games and in life. skills This will be important when they enter school. Children should not learn to is only important to win because you know, if you do that they will be living in most cases deny. You will probably feel guilty and children will be frustrated. nicely explain to them why you are not upset when Playmate of the Man not angry eat because it is an integral part of the game. This social game we all loved as children and now you can buy in any bookstore only modernijoj version but the old spirit. For memory game you do not need much, just a pack of cards, mix them well and line up on the table facing the back. Tell the child to go to look for two with the same number. Play with it and let it just remembers where she was a card he needs, do not point the finger at the place where you think is a map for the game to exercise your memory and concentration.
puzzles are another phenomenal puzzle that helps children learn to solve problems. You just have to adapt them to your child that age would not be too difficult. example I Skyscraper for ants, people like me put in a vase me or happy flying the sky from north to south, with spring return to reverse circuit can solve these puzzles, and children three and up and find them or in the form of a picture book or on the Internet. quizzes are also great for childrens brain convolutions, assemble it yourself and make sure the questions are such that the responses of their children to learn about things around them. If a quiz related to nature, back issues, for example What is this flower? and before that draw the next issue for example, rose or What do bees eat?. If you want to quiz about the animal world, ask them a question, for example to determine which animals are running wild and domestic. Through these quizzes children learn about the world around them. Also, on the Internet you can find plenty of puzzles ready to print. Your just have to download and print them.
Select how to entertain your child and you and all our proposals to adopt nothing to lose. If youre still game for Electronic make sure that the child comes across a game that has no educational character and it just confuses. These include funny games hot dog-nose or choose games with shooting. In the first game by putting the child funny noses on the face of man can only learn to be laughing at people who are perfectly nice, therefore, to remove them and the other is simply teaches aggression and violence. aim of these games is to execute everyone who in sight and a gun. this child will eventually adopt the model of behavior as normal and possible damage to prevent your time. gameplay children to develop intelingenciju and imagination, so try a little about your child and get them to this form of entertainment.

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