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Care for children - all about health and hygiene for babies and children, baby clothes, children's wear, diaper, dental hygiene and baby food.


Quiz for Children

Easy instructions for making quiz for children. Create educational quizzes that will appeal to your kids.

If you do not know how to entertain your child we encourage you to come up with fun and educational quiz games for this kind of influence on the development of brain vijugica. It is important to come up with interesting questions that the child will not be difficult because children quickly give up something they are complicated.
through quiz games remember the important facts that the brain pack in the file, and later your child based on only one photo of the search term, know what was going on. You may want to create a competition, bring more children and create two teams, so will your son or your daughter feel the team spirit and learn to win and you will lose him / her in a turbulent time, what is this life and in the course need. Quiz knowledge can be put together using the childrens picture books or books for the school year. It will be a child at that time before school to meet with the world around him and be already in some way prepared for school. You can make a mathematical quiz, then the quiz biology, geography, language ...
If you choose to do mathematical quiz question to ask your child to read the Pythagorean theorem, but gently insert it into the world of numbers, compose tasks with simple mathematical operations, addition and subtraction. say you have a question how much two plus two and offer five possible answers. To make it interesting to draw him two apples and two bananas and paint them to help him do not understand mathematics as a specter of what often happens when you go into first grade. looks nicer, you will agree when fruit is added than when the numbers add up. You can go down a little in geometry, draw various geometric shapes and ask the question what is in the picture. Offer all incorrect answers to a child thought for a while and just get the answer. important item! Do help him! Mora from childhood to realize that mom and dad will always be there to solve problems.
If your child loves animals, then assemble the quiz on the animal world, and make sure to include as much information. Start by identifying the animal picture to check how your child recognize the different species. You can try and humorous issues, for example, which sounds like the animals and offer five varieties - kukuriku, Muuu, mjauu ... so ... -. interesting questions are and what animals spend most of their lives sleeping or animals that are carnivores and herbivores that? Who is the king of beasts? What are the birds of prey? Where penguins live? As for the quiz, you have material to spare.
Lets open the door to your toddler and mother tongue, teach him the letters before the teacher. Write all the letters on paper and let the children appear one by one, and which correspond to the letter. Write them a short word such as rabbit and some are slowly learning to match letters and reading. Teach them orally some short songs and let them compete who can best recite.
Our recommendation is that when you start making first quiz of the easiest to more difficult issues that the child is not tired at the beginning. Easy questions are used to provide heat and enthusiasm to carry on . Answering quiz questions children also extend and confirm their findings. Through these games you can easily identify what most interests your child and on the basis that he later directed to a specific area that would be in the future to deal with. Besides quizzes puzzle for children can also be a nice challenge.

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