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Create puzzle for children

Prepare yourself and your child an unforgettable party with the puzzle.

Remember your childhood, you are loved when your parents are surprised by the new puzzles, Puzzle famous under the tree. You may have to admit to myself today with your child enjoy the agreement, convinces himself that his only help and in fact you are at that moment a big kid. Puzzle childhood marked almost every man and their magic does not stop even in this modern age when there is a small one million games, and games, mainly computer.
This type of childrens entertainment is designed so that children start to think logically while composing pieces that make up one whole. child as agreed elements of the puzzle, thinking to himself and is completely skonentrisano at their job and thus learns that before anything has done well to consider. In our time somewhere where all the rushing and rushing and making hasty decisions, it is important to teach your child calmly thinking and patience. Puzzles are ideal for developing motor skills in children, teach them spatial navigation and coordination of movement. While trying to complete a term in the puzzle to practice, and their children automatic self-confidence and feel successful. Make them your own puzzle, it is not difficult, it takes away a lot of time and do not need a lot of material. Heres proposal.
First, select a picture or poster that your child likes. of material, you need a little firmer cardboard, glue - but not super glue adhesive paper -, scissors and a pencil. image you have chosen to stick glue cardboard surface and hit some heavy object, preferably an encyclopedia that you have at hand, we propose Jansonovu History of Art. Remove the excess edges of cardboard with pictures and turn the board with a picture stuck to the back. Take a pencil and mark the pieces that will make the picture puzzle. When youre done, carefully cut out. will stay with you just cardboard boxes which should put the appropriate sections. Your child can start playing. As you can see, it is not difficult and expensive and not very useful. If your child insists that only solves the puzzle, because it may allow the type of individual and he do not like the hustle and teamwork. If you prefer company then can you play with him but do not enter into a puzzle for him because it teaches you how to find a just solution to their problems.
You can play around with the look and make a puzzle, and one with the image of your child or his friends from kindergarten to the idea he will like. I look to be as colorful as the puzzle that is attractive to children around. While small, they are mostly visual types and are associated with what they like at first sight. In addition to assisting in the development childs brain with the help of Puzzles you can rest your brain so youll steal an hour for yourself and relax while your child is interested in composing. careful only to the puzzle pieces do not put in the mouth which can be dangerous, always be somewhere nearby. course puzzles and you can buy in any bookstore opremljenijoj but we still suggest you be creative and devise their own child hobby.

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