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Tips for traveling without a care

During the season when millions of people get on trains and buses entering the aircraft, drive

During the season when millions of people get on trains and buses entering the aircraft, ride - the saved gasoline - their own cars, raise your thumbs to make them someone to connect the highway, sit on bikes and motorcycles. I started the summer, the tourist season when the innumerable inhabitants of our planet prepare to travel and vacation.
Therefore it is necessary first of all to organize. Take a pencil and paper, invoke the aid of imagination and write down everything you do - from booking tickets for transportation to the antiseptic wipes to refresh. arrange all numbered, and then tick fix everything. You might think that such a preparation for the trip and are not required, but if you are traveling alone it will notice and feel sure your family or company with whom you are about to at the time.
tickets while waiting in line in front of the desk be patient. No, parachute should be vigorously removed, and the disabled, pregnant women and mothers with children have the advantage when you reach the red utter loud and clear what you want. If necessary, prior to the information propitajte for details - links, etc. I change-tion. - so as not to dwell on the counter for longer than necessary.
Map you, then, in your pocket, zrate exact arrival of the train and the platform from which pnazi. at the train station, make a quarter of an hour before train departure. Why, if you have placeholders? Sometimes, the train is moved to another track, and although it rarely happens, you will be upset if that happens you just buy addition You are newspapers, maybe a sandwich or candy, and all this takes time. On the train one second worth two, say experienced travelers.
Suppose you placed all the bags you need, you will not find that the way you forgot the needle and floss regularly taking medicines and the like. ark does not cling rope rather buy even cheap, but solid chest or borrow it from friends. ark should not be too large because it is difficult to carry, and if you are traveling by car you will be taking to much place in the trunk. AS do not carry any package, and a myriad of small-for motuljaka. If your luggage number, count the bags and packages? compartment, so you do not forget something on the train. When you place the luggage compartment, agree with the other passengers to and they could comfortably accommodate.
Usually before departure of the train passengers were all a bit upset. After the first kilometer traveled the situation calms down and begin peaceful talks. coupe on the train in one hand a social lounge. However, the passenger who sits opposite you may riije talkative type, and does not accept the call. If you see a bad mood, do not insist. But there may be concluded and a friendship that is at the same time should not be present. a pleasant companion, if you an interesting interlocutor, witty, and discreet. Yet do not flaunt the narrative, not shout, do not sing at all costs. Adjust the temperament and inclinations of other passengers. Our people prostodu-shan and welcoming and will soon offer some companion dish. But to travel is required. offers the sweets and cookies, offer up a cigarette, but do not offer the main course, especially not someone force you to eat. If someone politely refuse to eat do not think that is rude. might just sit on a diet and so on. begging is the age when ignorance or Poverty zamatala food in newspaper. When not eating mljackajte podrigujte and not because you are not?? where burping a compliment housewife. not forget to bring a paper-towel and wipe your hands after eating an antiseptic wipe.
happens that of the compartment are not reserved, and you came on time and sat down on the seat, and later when there is already filled all get some older person as you travel about 400 kilometers, are you obliged to give way to her place? Not because If you really have no place anywhere, travelers should agree to take turns and stand up to the destination. If you are traveling at night, so you take two or three places to create a bed and the station along the roads swarm passengers may not be as tired as you are - you rise, because you are not in the sleeper.
travel a longer route to take along some comfortable shoes. If your legs are tired agree with the companion who sits opposite you to stretch your legs. If you do not study slipper-shoes vajta, especially if you forgot or you could wash your feet before traveling.
opening and closing windows can often lead to disputes and even fights. Many people, especially if they are fragile health, mind if they wind blowing in my head for hours, while others turn to it enjoy it. As much can be resolved by agreement, and try this case. Replace spaces. and open the windows of the cells.
smoking can be a cause of dissension. carriages where there are sections for smokers, but in the peak season when youre happy to get any place else to look. So, if youre a smoker for nonsmokers in the compartment-comb, ask whether you can pu-stitch. If it bothers other people, go out into the corridor to smoke a cigarette. butts, of course, you will not throw down and trample, but they put out in the ashtray.
you brought with him a transistor. This is an opportunity to annoy fellow passengers and not just because the transistor crest, but also because of the choice program. Today transistor is no longer proof social and financial status as at first. you Decency requires that the transistor does not turn on unless the whole society is willing to listen to music. But then some music to be quiet so as not to disturb the occupants in the adjacent compartment.
Traveling the bedroom Hi get a couchette car beds. Of course, the lower bed is comfortable and convenient than the above. Rate yourself whether its a better place to offer an * older or sick passengers that are difficult to climb to the upper bunk. As one of the passengers preparing to sleep, the best have to go out into the corridor. All this seems to be tacit agreement. In the cabin there is a sink, no umit will, of course, before one gets up before.
These are some tips youll benefit when you travel, because travel is , in the words of a writer, life itself, like life - a journey.

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