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How to nurture your hands

Hands and other parts of the body, require special care. Heres what you do for a beautiful and healthy look of your hands.

Crawling, indexing arm skin is exposed to the influence of various external factors, sun, heat, wind, cold, different kinds of soap ... and detrdzenata for maintaining beautiful and healthy-looking hands they should devote some attention and care. For proper skin care hands should make a weekly scrub hands to the skin surface to remove dead skin cells. simple and effective exfoliation of the hands you can easily create your own. Half a teaspoon of salt and two tablespoons of olive oil, mix, apply a thin layer at the hands of the paste and let sit for several minutes. Rinse with water and apply a moisturizing cream or oil for care.
hands to feed and can occasionally mask in hand. Mix well olive oil and honey in the same proportion. spread the mixture on your hands, wear rubber gloves, and then if you have, and cotton gloves or wrap in a towel to retain heat. Leave to act for about half an hour. Heat will action mask.
Another cover for you to prepare your hands if you heat it up a half ounces of olive oil. Do just do not overdo it when heated. Some oil is a bit warmer than lukewarm, but not boiling. Then add a few drops of lemon and the resulting mixture is rich and rub your hands. Then slide the rubber on them rukavicei let stand for half an hour, then remove your hands well. This prepared mask is particularly recommended for nails that are prone to breaking, and for the hard one hand skin. Oil will nourish the skin and nails, and hand the lemon juice will make you healthy and bright, thanks to vitamin C and nutrients olive oil.
If you have a little more time to prepare a mask rich in vitamins and proteins. In a glass bowl mix one tablespoon of full fat yogurt and one small teaspoon of olive oil. While yogurt to balance the Ph value of your skin, olive oil will nourish it. Then add fresh yeast that is rich in vitamin C which is required for faster regeneration of skin cells. ispasirani Add more fresh cucumber, a well-hydrates, and an egg that is rich in vitamins and proteins. so prepared mask refrigerate for half an hour to be tightened. This is cold, apply the mask on your hands and wrap them with foil to increase its effect. After five minutes rinse your hands with cold water and hydrate them good moisturizer.
Once a week give your hands extra care and bathe them in herbal baths or massage with medicinal herbs and oils. Prepare the Bath to put in hot water dried nettle, sage, calendula and chamomile. When liquid is cool enough to soak your hands about 15 minutes. massage using almond oil with a few drops of essential oil of rosemary.
When you have no time and soon you have to be reborn your hands, rub them apples. feels the sour apple slice and rub her hands inside part without bark. Let the apple juice works a few minutes and then wash your hands with warm water. You will get hands infinitely nicer and softer. Repeat this treatment once or twice a week.
dead cells from skin can be removed if you immerse your hands in warmed milk or brush with lemon juice, which moistens the skin. around the nails, apply almond or olive oil and massage your own hands a few minutes, your hands will be grateful!
Believe or not, is another fast and perfect hand mask of cooked mashed potato into which you add a little milk.

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