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Is the dog right pet for you

Seems like an easy decision, but is it so?

decision to purchase a dog should be taken after a lot of thinking. Do not be fooled by the current desire, because the dog is not a bag or purse that if you do not like you can discard. Dog becomes and remains a member of your family for his whole life.
Before deciding on a purchase of a dog, consider some potential problems that they can create. Ask yourself some important questions such as: Does your lifestyle can fit a dog? If everyone in the family to work you are all ready to give up, for example. if youre tired every day, walk the dog. If you travel frequently if you have the ability for someone to take care of the dog while you are on the road, or if there are any in your area hotels for dogs? frequent allergic reactions to dogs, so you must check to see if someone in the family allergic to dogs.
dog that requires sacrifices and investments it is best to make a list of all possible monthly and annual costs. That experience may help a friend or yourself ask about the cost of food, health care, hygiene ... Your dog requires regular vaccination against infectious and parasitic diseases, inquire about the cost thereof. While still a small dog like a childs future job you at night, will demand your attention, you have several to get up to calm him, it will make you many times makes a mess by performing all over the place until you learn where it needs to do. Growing up dog does not stop or reduce the problems and responsibilities, on the contrary only increase. Your dog has more energy and requires you more attention, more movement of daily walking. Friends in all situations
Depending on the breed you choose a dog requires and to provide him with a living space. It is understood that large dogs require more space than small breeds, although many Small breeds are very active, with lots of energy and thus require a lot of space. When choosing the best race is to collect enough data about the various breeds of dogs and decide on the most appropriate for your requirements. help you if you choose a dog, depending on your lifestyle. of your space, or space to be used depends on the dog and the dogs size. your beautiful puppy will grow quickly and will need you all my life. You are responsible not only for his physical health, but also for his emotional stability. Young dogs need plenty of exercise and activities, and require considerable mental stimulation. Dissatisfied dog poses many problems, and may even end aggression.
Based on the above, when you put everything on paper that you prepared the allocation of necessary resources, attention, time, patience and lots and lots of love for your future dog?

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