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How to protect dogs from ticks

Heres how to protect your pet from these small dangerous parasites

Crawling, indexing your dog must be protected from skin parasites d most notably fleas, ticks and lice. If you often run into the nature of your dog ptrebno is to treat some of antiparazitskih products that can be found in the form of ampoules, spray or necklaces and some of them are Adventix, Frontline, Bayer, etc. .. The active ingredient in these preparations is the insecticide that acts on the reflective skin parasites or killing them.
preparations for protection against ticks
ampoule is applied to the dog, depending on the product or the spine or between the shoulder blades. Part the hair and the ampoule is applied directly to the skin and gently rubbing the dog should not be KUPAN before and 48 h after placing the vials in order to be well-absorbed compound. Once the product applied to the skin, the active substance is distributed over the surface of the skin and keeps the sebaceous glands and hairy follicles, where they have been released during the month of protecting your pet. After a walk, new ticks that have not been removed by the action of preparations you can comb the dog with a fine toothed comb.
We can find a number of protective collar for dogs. length of action of the protective effect of necklaces is different depending on the active substance in it, ranging from 3 to 6 months. necklace is placed loosely around the animal so that the collar and the skin have the space bar for two fingers. If the necklace is too cut off the redundant part of a length of 4-5 cm from the buckle, to the growing dog can wear off. There are protective collars was based on coconut oil and its derivatives, whose protection lasts for 3 months with the possibility of renewal for the specified preparation.
protection against ticks and fleas can be used in the form of a spray that is applied over the surface coat and serves as a protective covering for the animal. One protective use and can last up to 3 months for fleas and 1 month for ticks because they tend to kill. But in the case of large long-haired breeds recommended or ampoules or necklace, you will need large amounts of spray for efficient protection.
his dog after walks
Although you treat a dog against skin parasites, after each walk your dog a good review, Comb him for ticks after walking the dog the first 24 hours to be subsequently hooked to the skin. If you find a tick but it if necessary removed immediately with tweezers for removing ticks that can be obtained in any action for animals. Do not treat the tick with oil or alcohol, although it most recommended because in this case may happen to restore the contents of the tick into the bloodstream of your dog, it would be very bad if the tick is infected. tick is removed so as to move apart hairs at the point where he is to ensure access to the site, open the tweezers and grasp the tick but you must see that the top of tweezers maximum adhesion to the skin a dog, close the tweezers and turn twice to 360 degrees and slowly pull it towards you. Make no other chance head of the tick in the body of a dog, in case you did take your dog to the vet, but if youre all done carefully should not be a problem. If the dog is scared and anxious person who is closer to the dog to calm him and keep a firm that does not move and the other to extract the tick. After removing the tick, disinfect the injection site with little medical alcohol, but if it bothers the animal can use the active oxygen.
Ticks are active during the year from early spring to late fall, especially in June. deadliest disease transmitted by ticks is piroplazmoza dogs. It causes the blood parasite Babesia parasite in red blood cells, destroying them and causing anemia. disease manifested initially with fever, mobility limitations, vomiting, dark urine. In this case immediate veterinary intervention.

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