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How to properly irrigate and fertilize the lawn

Basic guidelines that you should know about maintenance, fertilizing and watering the lawn.

Ensure a healthy and beautiful appearance of your lawn so that it will properly watered and fertilize. These are two basic processes that are in regular lawn. There are a few basic rules to follow when it comes to watering and fertilizing the lawn .
Watering lawns
Grass needs about 1 inch of water every week. Many people make the mistake that too watered his lawn. This mistake is easily corrected. It is not watered every day a bit , which also makes a lot of people, but watered only once or twice a week, but abundant and thorough. between each watering is necessary to leave a day or two to dry grass and absorb all the water. also important to know how much water your lawn needs. For it should measure your yard and you know what type of grass you have sown. With these data, go to the agricultural chemist and ask for advice.
trick with plastic cups
easily determine if watering evenly
This trick serves to determine whether our use of sprinklers watered the lawn, the water evenly over the entire lawn. need to give us a dozen plastic cups that distribute the lawn. At the bottom we can put a stone or any object that weighs the glasses would not be overturned. Put the sprinkler on the usual place and let it sprayed navdni country. Finally check splash cups which should be the same water level. If the levels are different to do repair sprinklers or her find a better position.
Experts and agranomi we need to give advice to fertilize more than two or three times a year. Use a fertilizer that slowly decomposes to liberate nitrogen as slowly and continuously fed land. Do not trash the hot weather because you will burn the grass. Use a fertilizer with equal proportions potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen. Use a spreader to more evenly distribute the fertilizer.
These are only basic guidelines. Enjoy the lawn and it will surely come back when you spend time on it.

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