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The idea of ​​a central table decoration

Create a central creative table decorations for the holidays and renew the magic of winter and the warmth of your home.

When it comes to decorating the table arranging a special place of its central part. Since ancient times the center was reserved for a place with an important ornamental flowers. Time and under the influence of various holidays, the central basket of flowers has changed its shape, color and type. How to create and customize the decoration of ornamental flowers for Christmas and New Year!
proposal which I have brought you this time does not require a lot of material resources, relatively quickly and can make a special holiday leaves an impression. I was opted for a green fantasy as idelnu combination on your desk, especially if you have the tablecloth and nadstolnjak decided to put in a white and green. It is certainly possible to have a different combination, but that detail is not problematic in the development of ornamental flowers.
First, lets look at what youll need to manually create:
rectangular dish or cardboard box - color can be black, white, even dark red - or metal baking sheet moss green cones - both of them in a green spray - 10 - 12 green balls 3 and 4 frosted green - darker or lighter shades - decorative balls for the tree sharp knife strong adhesive
way of making going through these steps: Since each box is quite deep, and for your decorating needs only the top surface , first you have to pan the bottom box. To do this you can use pieces of old boxes and cartons. fill your gift box to the top, but leave some two inches of free space. If you have not found the appropriate color box, play with a collage of paper or pieces of decorative paper, and stick with outside parties. Once you have painted the box and filled it with cardboard inside, you need to create a carpet of green moss. imitation moss can be found in any better equipped shop that sells decorative materials, and of course, you can peek in florists. Fill top of the box with moss so as not to see the bottom, pay particular attention to well fill the page, it will be up to come to the fore. Once covered with a box, you need to fill the cones. If you find the green anywhere, get a spray - very cheap and convenient to use - which will paint the cones. The only precaution is to set a slightly larger piece of paper or old newspapers on the desktop and zaprskajte. Leave some time to dry and you can use it. Now you need to stick to the cone moss, glue the bottom and put one by one. Make sure not to fill the entire space of cones, but also to leave room for decorative beads and balls. Optionally Arrange and schedule for the Christmas tree balls and smaller balls, the balls can be added and some other color, and set in the middle of the table. Light the candles on the trees apart, lay the rest of accessories and tableware for the food, take a drink from the fridge and soon the guests.
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