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How computer

Compelling and entertaining guide to connect to other computer components. Have fun and learn how to plug the computer ...

This manual is intended for those who first encounter with a computer and those who are ashamed to call neighbor to help them. Step by step you will learn to Úyour PC - the computer - and learn the technical pokoje expressions.
Lets start from the beginning ie. from the time you get a PC. Before you unpack your PC make sure you have nowhere to place it. Ideally, on a desk, if you have one, preferably in near the outlet - very important -, no way near a strong source of heat - cooker brand Smederevac - also avoid damp places - well, bathroom, basement -.
Most likely you get your PC packed in boxes with stickers and interesting pieces of paper without nekm interesting pictures. Do not throw away a piece of paper. These pieces of paper are probably the warranty on your PC and instructions for use and is coupled. Guarantee - thats one piece of paper on which he capitalized words guarantee - put in a safe place - under the mattress - so you know where is, since she knows to be useful if your computer is not functioning properly, and if the instructions are in Serbian, or if you know to read English, German or Korean well try to study it could be useful.
After you unload all its components - parts - and you are sure nothing is missing, you can begin composing - one black called cables are used to connect various parts of the PC with one another, because the longer you try to keep them in my life -. First You will monitor - its that big koskasto glass on one side - set in the middle of your table so that the faces you - monitor orientation is crucial - after that youll housing - one little narrow box with two buttons - put somewhere in the near your desk. Once you have all come to resolve the most difficult part of this amazing adventure that is. to the
keypad - a rectangular plate with a lot of buttons on which were inscribed the letters - put on the table in front of the monitor and its purple - its very interesting that the purple end of the keyboard cable - in the appropriate input purple - purple hole - the casing by hand to hold yen connector and push it into the entrance, and another hand holding the casing that would be passed. If the pushing the connector into the port at one point you hear the KRC and see the hole in the body try using one of the guarantees which we spoke earlier you get a new case by the dealer to complain about damage during shipping. to do the same with the mouse - an oval object the size of the hand with cable and two large buttons on it - and put it on the right side of the keyboard - do not bother thinking why its called a mouse - after the mouse to connect the speakers - two identical boxes connected cable - be sure that you put the green connector into the corresponding green input . Now connect the monitor to the body - to use for the thick cable with two identical blue end on both sides -. Now with another black cable to connect the enclosure to an extension cord, together with a monitor and speakers, and the duration of data extension cord to a power outlet. Now the only thing do is to click on the speaker next to you says ON / OFF by pressing a light under it starts to light up, and Volume button right next to the ON / OFF button to rotate clockwise while the dash on it showed the nebude Max. Now you can turn your new PC by pressing the biggest button on the case.
addition to desktop PCs, more and more people today are buying laptops. procedure training laptops for the simpler part, because you do not need to connect a computer monitor, a keyboard is of course already present on the laptop.
After you remove the laptop from the box, you just need to be a cable that came with it the current and pressing one more button ignition, which is usually found in top above the keyboard left or right. If your new laptop computer has installed the operating system, it will be enough to build the system and you can start working on your computer. If not, you will need a laptop to a service that you install the operating system and set all what is needed. Laptop Service is the best solution of course, if you own a laptop.

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