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How to transfer text from into Latin and vice versa

Two ways to convert najednostavija in Latin using Word 2003 and 2007

hundred times happened to us that the text is written in the Cyrillic alphabet to translate the Latin and vice versa. There are many easier ways to do this, and not have to prekucavate text. Two most important methods for transliteration are hr /
first method is using Microsofts Word 2003 and 2007 word processing program. This program by itself does not have this option. need to be installed by the update can be downloaded HERE. Install this plugin and restart word. appears You are icons that says F-? or?-F. All you need is to select a piece of text that you want presloviti and click the option you want. Detailed instructions can be found here. hr /
second method is the online way. This way is good because you can move the entire text of a page in the letter of your choice. Just posjetitie this page http://www. transliteration. com / and copy the site address or block of text that you want and press presloviti Presl. hr /
These are the two most important and easiest ways to transfer one script to another without having to prekucavate text.

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