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Computer Tricks Ubrazajte computing using abbreviations

How ubrazati work on the computer using a very useful keyboard shortcuts. Mista Relieve lari and find out the keyboard.

Here is list of the best stands on the keyboard. Speed ​​up your computer skills to the max using keyboard shortcuts. So lets go to the point: Heres one of my favorites: Hold the Windows key - located between the ALT and Ctrl - and press M. This means that WT + M, this will minimize all windows that are open to you. one go you have a clean desktop. Hold the Windows key and press the L WT + L This abbreviation will log out immediately from svojg account. Hold ALT and press F4. ALT + F4 = exit in the current section. Hold CTRL and press F4. CTRL + F4. This is the younger brother of the previous abbreviations. This abbreviation will close only the internal windows within an application. Hold ALT and press TAB. ALT + Tab = switch between your open windows, programs in the other. Hold the Windows key and press Break - one of the keys above the arrows -. WT + BREAK = will open the properties of your computer. Hold the Windows key and press E. WT = + E will open My Computer in Explorer style
These are just some of the benefits that really stands out with backing your work faster and easier on the computer stuff. What is important is that there nagalasiti possibility to design your own abbreviations especially for those programs that you use frequently. Computers make our lives so and we use them. That will be another time.

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