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How to install Windows 7

Step by step learn that you install Windows 7

Most people who use computers in the service that carries them do the installation of the operating system. As to the users themselves, and we can do, I decided to write a little tutorial on installing Windows 7.
First , we need:
1 GHz 32-bit or 64-bit processor 1 GB RAM
16 GB of space on the HDD
Internet to be able to First update
do you need, when you turn on the computer, is to join in the BIOS. Otherwise, enter the BIOS to F8 or F12 to
but you can see with your computer. By the right corner when you turn on your computer. Under § First boot device set to the first CD ROM as a second HDD, confirm and exit the BIOS. Next, adding Windows 7 DVD and the computer will appear to us Press any key to boot from CD ... then press any key to keyboard, and it is our translation of that sentence. loaded data for the installation of the system. It will now only odradjivati ​​and when it appears to us this image:
leave everything as in the picture and go to the next and then the Install now.
Then, click on I accept the license terms and click Next. Then we appear Upgrade or Custom option. We click on Custom. Next, select the partition you want to install the operating system and click Next again. After this procedure, the installation will start and the computer will restart several times.
The first option you will seek to enter is the username and computer name and the password for the account. After entering the serial number of windows will look. This serial number windows is at your box from the windows - if you have the original windows -, enter that number and you can do it and later by clicking on the Automatically activate Windows when Im online and then on Next.
If you use the original windows 7 following items, click Use recommended settings. Select the time zone, and Next. Choosing Home network and then allow it to restart and we can use the system.
What more do you need to install the drivers and programs you want on your computer. That would be to ! I hope you will succeed yourself to install Windows 7 by following this post.

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