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Setting the Access Point WLa5460APv2

Will you have a wireless interent in your apartment. Heres a solution for you.

You want to have wireless in the living area and you can use without any problem all the w-lan devices, such as phone or laptop, notebook and so on. Heres what it takes to provide.
Ago all you need is a device called Access Point.
h1 What is Access Point? / h1 In our language it sounded like an access point. role of AP is that every signal that it receives and forwards . For example, if there are two points between which it is impossible to reach, that will do the job acces point. Otherwise, the form of small boxes of one antenna and a model with two anetene that can unwind - take off -. One is among the best model WL-5460APv2.
Many of us use wireless internet, but would not pay others to us all that we must set ourselves to try, or in any case to seek the help of various forums ie to inform what we all need. I decided that in this small post how much you try to explain how I am to do and in a way you notes!
To use Wireless internet is necessary to have line of sight between locations and access points. If you use a computer is needed wlan antenna and a computer network card if you own a laptop need a wlan antenna, Access Point WL-5460AP v2 and the router. WLAN antenna is used to capture a better signal.
In AP to access the device, connect the WAN AP in laptop iuu Local area connection IPv4 modify the 192nd 168th 100th 15th Key in the 168th 100th 192nd browser and you will have access to a setting. Select WISP mode and configure it: SSID should enter the name of the base station to which you connect. Click refresh to offer WLAN and select your network and then click on connect. Select PPPoE and enter the username and password you choose and continously. After reboot, go to settings. Remove the AP from the laptop and replace the Local area conenection the previous state, ie. to automatically seek an IP. the router are the same options as in the previous article you should just turn off DHCP.
Now unscrew the small antennas with AP WL-5460 and the Connect WLAN antenna from the Lan Lan AP Router and thats it. Now just plug the laptop and turn scan wlan network, to connect at all and you can use your internet. I hope you succeed, you sometime and if you need help feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer!

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