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How to remove virus

Specifies your virus problems. Heres how to solve them step by step

As a user of internet and computers certainly have had the opportunity to meet with computer viruses. Some of them can give us more problems such as loss of data, theft of personal information, drop raunarskog system. Therefore in this direction should be educated and learn how to attack and solve. best solution are good, active commercial programs that have been upgraded to the latest version with the latest database of the latest viruses. But with them sometimes happens to make some files prospust and omissions . In this article learn how to then get rid of the virus.
What is a virus?
for different kinds of malware from virus, worms and Trojans used a common expression - viruses. So, the term - viruses - used in the narrow and broad sense and in both cases has the same meaning - it is a program that creates a disadvantage for computer user. It can interfere with and slow down, but it can also delete documents and destroy computer circuits. This program, like any program during execution has its own process.
What is the process?
Each program is a set of files. Launch an executable file runs the entire program or any of its components. starting the executables code - code - the copied to your computers memory, and it is to execute code in memory is a process.
What makes it different than other programs?
Starts without your knowledge.
How to remove the malicious program ?
Viruses consist of files, deleting those files remove virus.
How to delete files malware?
Option antivirus program, provided that the antivirus program detects a virus - each will miss at least some virus, ie. will not be considered harmful, although some are viruses -. Step by step - to identify it, find it and delete it.
Delete the solution for some cases, but we can not delete a file that is currently executing or the one you do not see it. We do not see those files that the operating system - mistakenly - believes her and hides them. will keep on this way of deleting other malicious programs - a step by step.
Step by step virus removal

Complete the process by starting the virus b Task Manager / b - a Home - ctrl + alt + Del key and a window will open Windows Task Manager; Home - Choosing Processes tab; Home - Find b process under the heading Image Name / b - the process of the virus will be in a group with other active programs -; Home - Complete the process of command b End Process. / b
Find virus by searching the contents of disks Windows command b Search / b Home - Start the command b Search; / b Home - In the search field enter the file name of the malware, or at least part of its name; Home - Delete the file.
And if we do not know the file name of the malware?
If you do not know the file name of the malware, but we know the place , ie. folder where the file is the program well find a memory or disk and folder where the file is malware, and delete it.
What if you do not see the virus file?

It happens that the virus is copied as your operating system. In this case, it protects the system in such a way that makes him invisible. To file the malware was seen to set the following options command b Folder Options / b.
What if the file is virus remains invisible?
should start a command prompt Start Run b / b and enter the command cmd b / b. b dir command / b, b cd .. / b we get to see the parent folder and all its contents, including the hidden malicious program file. can delete the file del piece b / b i naziv_fajla / i, a folder rmdir command b / b i naziv_foldera / i, or delete them in Explorer. Previously the process of the virus must be completed - 1 point -.
What to do if the process is activated immediately upon completion?
Re-start the computer in the so-called. b Safe Mode / b-in. In this mode, many system functions are disabled and programs are not activated automatically at power on.
b Are there viruses that can not be terminated in Task Manager window, nor deleted in Safe Mode / b
Yes, and this case we must use some additional software that will terminate the malware process. This type of program can be downloaded from the web, usually in their name are expressions and Kill Process.
Should we remove harmful programs called viruses

One that you should make more damage - dramatically occupy system resources - CPU, memory, .. -, or delete documents even if you do come across such.
Most viruses and will not do anything special, more ; will upset their presence than their effects. You can do quite normal in most application programs, which are commonly used, with dozens or even hundreds of files that will be detected as a virus, and which will not cause any major problems. Problems can arise when with such documents, tentatively infected computer, or send a copy to another person.
It will be all, but if any of these fail to clean your computer we strongly recommend you to visit a service to let the computer experts, so as not to create a mistake and lost all of their important data.

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