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How easy napravti web site

How to make a web site using CMS programs and systems. Its easy to make a site with this guide.

you have
required for personal or business web presentation, and you do not have the money to pay some of the companies or individuals who are engaged in the manufacture of internet sites. Here is a very simple solution that does not need a big IT knowledge. Used for making web sites were needed and necessary knowledge of HTML and CSS. it is no longer the case. developed numerous applications that allow users with no knowledge of these languages ​​make the interent site. These are the so-called CMS ie content management system applications . to the men of the translation would be the program for content management. The purpose of this program is to facilitate individual business management and publishing content on the net. So, whether you want to make a site to be entertained or oprabali or want a professional business presentation, almost all CMS programs will satisfy your needs. For that you can choose the question is just taste.
So, let row then step by step to our site:
Step 1 First, think about the content. drawings of the paper and write down everything you think that your site should be. Remember that some sites have you done that functional sites as you would like to have. all records.
Step 2 Consider
the domain. It is preferable that the domain is related to the content. When considering the domain is always necessary to check whether the desired domain is available. You can do this through this site http://www. checkdomain. com /. It is desirable that the you have a domain. com,. net or. org extension. If none of these extensions is not free to think about another domain. Domains can be bought at godaddy. com where probably the best.
Step 3
Hosting . After purchasing a domain should provide the hosting. Hosting is actually space on a computer that is connected to the interent and in which the server is built. Hosting is hired. We recommend if you decide to purchase hosting you do not select national hosting company. Select the hosting company preferably one from America such as bluehost. com or hostgator. com. If you have no money for paid hosting, you can choose from free hosting companies. However, if you have a serious project in mind but do your best to find funding for a paid hosting . In our experience the best free hosting on rosenhost. info after buying hosting
4 After you purchase, get hosting, and it was time to raise your web site. As we said there are several variants of CMS programs to meet all your needs. We present you two: posted a - Joomla CMS - one of the most popular CMS systems. Large user base and support on its side. If you want to have a website as a portal or greater site with a lot of joomla content may be your choice. is widespread in all our areas Free CMS with a mass supplement - modules and components - which are easy to install and put into operation. complete tutorial and best in our language can be found here. Author This tutorial is If you opt for a quick study of variation in Joomla then you can install Joomla on your hosting with SWU skripri that you offered in the hosting Control Panel. When you learn the basics of working in Joomla to create and edit pages as you will work in Word.
b - Wordpress - the most popular blog version. If you have a site terba form wordpress blog is the best solution for you. As you can install Joomla WordPres scripts offered by the hosting account. We here recommend you to learn to do yourself. best tutorial in our language can be found here.
addition there are many options to choose from if you engage in research.
If you encounter problems when creating a web site, please contact us and we will happy to help you do it yourself.

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