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How to make email

How do e-mail address. Quickly and easily to the free e-mail address.

may need this guide looks ridiculous and something that everyone should know how to do it without some great instructions. However, I was assured many times as there are people, especially middle and older age, who do not have adequate information education. Just at that age people are hard to acquire computer knowledge, and thus something that we look quite as simple as this task: create an e-mail address, someone creates a problem. But besides this, I noticed that a large number of young people also have poorly znjanje Information. For example, to manage perfectly well on Facebook, and when you should send e-mail, there is some kind of fear or even wonder who used to do. There are many services that you offer the service free e-mail address . We recommend this guide to choose Googles e-mail service is also free and widely distributed. So lets go step by step to learn how to make e-mail address: 1 Open your interent browser address bar and type in www. gmail. com or just click on this address. 2 Click the Create an Account Transfer the third language in Serbian or Croatian - at the top right drop down menu - 4 Complete all the information you are looking for fifth Click to accept. Now is your e-mail address looks like this This e el f. address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it. If all you have to fill in your email address and Now you can prijavitena this same address from where we started. www. gmail. com in the Username field, enter what you entered when you filled out the application in the field Desired login name. In the Password field, enter the password you chose when you signed up. For the password always choose a combination of lowercase and uppercase letters as well as the so borja greatest security.

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