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How to increase the font on the internet

A simple trick that can increase or decrease the font on any website in any program for the internet search

does not matter if you see less, or simply want to read text from a little greater distance, to know this simple trick is very useful. In fact, many sites have too finely letters and difficult to see. Even people with normal vision with no damage can have this same problem. Heres a quick and easy trick that can help maximize your letters on any browser, ie interenet browser.
matter whether you are using, Opera, Mozilla, Internet Explorer for this trick: hr /
1 Press the button CTRL key on your keyboard.
hr /
; hr /
2 Then hold down the CTRL key turn the wheel on your mouse and SCROLL called to the forward direction for in reverse direction to decrease. hr /
Time really zoom, zoom a particular part of the page to the desired size.
hr /
3 Some sites also have the option to enlarge the letters without having to decrease or increase the resolution. This option is often indicated on the top or bottom of the page next to the title or text - as was the case on this page -. Try this option on this page and play a bit until you find the font size that suits you. hr /

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