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50 creative ways to raise the popularity of his blog

Here is a list of useful tips for all bloggers who want to raise the popularity of your blog and increase visits to your blog.

visit the blog today is not so easy. Just too much against spam which is harder to fight. Here is a list of creative ideas that you can increase the popularity of his blog, and thus ensure greater attendance: Start writing a little controversial . Just do not cross the border. Keep it moderate. Start a competition. Make sure to have it done. Give your readers some free stuff. We all love you. Write about other bloggers and their blogs to their visitors interested to read your blog. Dotjerujte and change the design of the blog regularly. Interview other bloggers and post these interviews. Write once about his personal life. Ask visitors. Share some trade secrets with readers. Celebrate your birthday with your visitors. Come up with some creative way to do that. Celebrate birthday blog. Write once, and something funny or disgusting. Do not be a habit: D Make a label with the logo and address of your blog and paste it on the car. Write e-book and give the visitors for free. Introduce an affiliate program. Program earnings percentage achieved on each sale. Share with your visitors an obsession. Respect pictures of your neighbors or pets. Congratulate people who are standing up and comment on your blog. Encourage posjetiocce to share their opinions. Donate money to a charity program or join a nonprofit organization and invite their visitors to join you. Place an ad for your blog or in the newspaper ads. Organize a blogger event. Make a poll. Organize auction and let people biduju to something interesting and useful example. advertising on your site. Write on achievements of your blog. Write about your goals and hopes related to the success of the blog. Start a reward system. make contact and get to know your visitors, and oraganizujte meeting bloggers. Start a blog site. Find some of your old popular text again and start a discussion about it. Try to take pictures with celebrities, and to put those photos on his blog. Do not run now turn to Photoshop. Set the video which will help visitors to learn something new and share it on other video services like Youtube. Write about your hobbies and interests. - Eg. if you set a cooking recipe, etc - Write about a things you do. Try to get to the journal that published some of your text. Buy a review of your blog by a well-known bloggers. Brand your logo with a catchy phrase. Share and sell t-shirts with their logo and address on them. join on yahoo answers and answer the questions by putting a link to your blog. Follow the sites that have published some of your articles and offer them some of your text or news in exchange for advertising. Create a survey or research and share results with their visitors. Make some tools or programs that may be useful to your visitors. Start a newsletter called. Introduce your site to friends and relatives and let them do those little jobs for you. Be active in social networks. Contact with love and well and will return to you. People love to read on the Web 2nd 0th Write about it. Write about already very familiar. Podcasting is another good way to popularizujte your blog. Last, but not least, be yourself.
We hope you found some ideas that will begin today to raise populranost his blog. If this does not help to raise the popularity and visits to your blog will surely help you to get some ideas about what to write next. Blogajte still and read up!

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