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Google plus +1 all you need to know

War began. Facebook slowly losing the battle, and google wins on all counts.

These days a lot of talk about Google +. You notice that when browsing the internet odnevdano nice dugmence appeared in the form of boxes and where the graphic shows the number of one and a plus sign. Whats it all about here.
Since facebook has become so popular that he began to take over the market share held by Google, the most powerful companies on the Internet, Google is trying to develop your own Social Network. If you recall the google wave, which began soon after the failed attempt to copy or twiter google buzz-a that today almost nobody use it. So this is a war between the two companies. For this war google and developed this new system which he named google + i, which is actually Googles version of Facebook, and because of this terribly reminiscent of facebook.
Which is better google plus or facebook?
This question is difficult to answer because the plus google just started working and still not widely available as options facebooka all know. Since gooogle plus still development phase that is still in beta, you can use it only if you get an invitation from someone. However, this is what is already known.
Home log in page of Google looks like there already
see some of the basic features that google has a plus, and they are:
Home - which a similar manner as the facebook wall or a wall and on it you can share photos, links, video clips and comment. Profile - As and the face data about you that you can share with everyone or only to those who choose a circle photos - There is a place for your pictures that you can easily transfer from your computer circuits - This really is a phenomenal way to separate your friends, work colleagues and family. For all that you can choose to publish a range of people with whom you want to share that. So this is a big plus for google, because there is no risk to say your inkrimirane publish photos or your employers say they see professors and the like. Heres what One customer told our circles: The circles are a great thing, because some things I do not want to share with all friends on Facebook as well. Images, text comments. here can distinguish who are friends, comrades, and who some characters who have some strange wish me decide to add to the list. Hangouts - E, this is an option that does not have facebook. In fact this is a plus google failed to offer what you offered only skype and more. This is a video call where you can talk to your and friends to watch via webcam. Also your friends can invite more friends to razovor until it reaches the limit of 10 friends at a hangout. Also, this is a fantastic option for so-called. conference calls or online seminars. Sparks - I This is something that does not have facebook. Ovjdje fact you can choose an area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest, such as scholarships, or film or music, and in the field get the latest information from the web from the areas you choose. Instead lajka facebook google has developed its own dugmence by which also You can share content with friends and that is:
already a significant number of people moved from Facebok on Google plus. Why? It works much faster than Facebook, and any bugs that are observed in the beta stage, will be eliminated in the final release when google will be available to everyone plus. Privacy is much better preserved than the google plus on facebook, and it means so much to believe. on Google plus it will be much less garbage in postings, but the face and it is much easier to control than the face-in. Also, google plus the synthesis of many services: YouTube, buzz, email, chat, video chat, google maps, images, or nearly all the Google features you will have in one place. neater interface, faster, more powerful servers, the API is much better prepared, are all reasons why you should consider moving from facebook on google plus. So all in all, plus one for Google - Crawling, indexing PS - Anyone want to try google plus, and not an invitation, leave your mail in the comments and well send.

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