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How to choose a safe and easy to remember the password

See two super easy way to remember difficult passwords

We all use a lot of internet services where we have open accounts that require you to choose your own password that password. Even the birds on a branch, and perhaps ants, and various other insects that we see in our houses knows two ground rules first password should contain a combination of two uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and if possible, and the signs, the second one should never use the same password on different sites. Here is a brief guide that can help us to honor two basic rules, a password that is still memorable.
We all have a lot of profile: facebook, email, profiles, forums, blogs, interent sites, paypal and so on. All of these sites should have different pasword and strive to respect the rule number one. E, now the problem is to remember all the passwords in memory they are safest.
To memorize complicated passwords
first way is to choose a phrase in everyday life eg. every morning I start with coffee. From this phrase we take only the first letter and get Sjpsk. To add a sign it may be a punctuation mark at the end, so we have Sjpsk! We lack only the number that would have a completely secure password, so the letter can be replaced with the number 8, number 8 because it visually resembles the letter S, the number 3 on the letter E, etc.. get 8jpsk Time! And so a password that we use on all orders simply add before or after the password and sign a letter for example facebook: fb : 8jpsk!, gmail: g-8jpsk! and here we already have different passwords on different profiles that are safe and easy to remember.
second way is to use a site Title Case. On this site we can type in any word and we will get in one of the boxes to the written word looked through the various characters. example of a valid password for the results we obtain a variety of including this l0Zin | +, which visually resembles the word password. Iskombinujmo with the method of the first ways and get different passwords for different sites.
These are two basic ways to develop easily memorable passwords. Good luck in your selection. I of course do not say, Ma who will steal my password. This adage is true only as long as you do not happen.

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